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Official Journal C Series: Abbreviations and Symbols

Official Journal C Series: Abbreviations and Symbols

Posted by matt-terrell | 20 January 2010

The following symbols for procedures are used in the Official Journal C Series Minutes of EP Proceedings database:

* ordinary consultation (single reading)
**I cooperation procedure (first reading)
**II cooperation procedure (second reading)
*** parliamentary assent

The type of procedure is determined by the legal basis proposed by the Commission.

Abbreviations used for Parliamentary Committees

Abbreviation Parliamentary Committee
AGRI Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development
BUDG Committee on Budgets
CIVI Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs
CONT Committee on Budgetary Control
CULT Committee on Culture, Youth, Education and the Media
DEVE Committee on Development and Cooperation
ECON Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and Industrial Policy
ENER Committee on Energy, Research and Technology
ENVI Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection
FASE Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security
INST Committee on Institutional Affairs
LEGA Committee on Legal Affairs and Citizens’ Rights
PETI Committee on Petitions
REGI Committee on Regional Policy and Regional Planning
RELA Committee on External Economic Relations
RULE Committee on the Rules of Procedure, the Verification of Credentials and Immunities
SOCI Committee on Social Affairs, Employment and the Working Environment
TRAN Committee on Transport and Tourism
WOME Committee on Women’s Rights

Abbreviations used for political groups

Abbreviation Political Group
EDA Group of the European Democratic Alliance
EPP Group of the European People’s Party (Christian-Democratic Group)
ER Technical Group of the European Right
LDR Liberal, Democratic and Reformist Group Greens
Green Group in the European Parliament
LU Left Unity Group
NA Non-attached members
RG Rainbow Group in the European Parliament
SOC Socialist Group

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