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CELEX / EUR-lex: Fields and Groups

CELEX / EUR-lex: Fields and Groups

Posted by matt-terrell | 21 January 2010

CELEX – Fields and Groups

In the CELEX databases, fields are given names which appear on the left hand side of the document (sometimes abbreviated).

For convenience, fields are assigned to groups (sometimes referred to as lexicons), each of which contains related information or information in a similar format.

Searches can be restricted to individual fields or groups, for example, you can choose to search only in the Title field or only in the BIBLIO group. For more complex searches, any combination of fields and/or groups can be searched.

While a document is displayed on the Document screen, you can use the Outline facility to move quickly to any particular field in the document.

Field Group Treat Ext
Leg Prop Case
Address General T EA L P PQ
AdvGen Reports CL
Applica All Persons CL
Author Biblio T EA L P CL NI PQ OD ED
AutLang General T EA L CL NI ED
AutProv National L NI
BelProv National L NI
BgrProv National L NI
Concerns CrossRef CL
Costs Reports CL
CourtDec CrossRef L
CypProv National L NI
CzeProv National L NI
Debate Date P
Defendan All Persons CL
Descript All Text P PQ ED
Despatch Date P PQ
DespNPr General L
DeuProv National L NI
DnkProv National L NI
EarlActs CrossRef T EA P
EndVal Date T EA L P ED
EspProv National L NI
EstProv National L NI
FinProv National L NI
Form Default T EA L P CL NI PQ OD ED
Fr_Text General CL
FraProv National L NI
GBrProv UKProv L NI
GrcProv National L NI
Grounds Reports CL
HunProv National L NI
Impl. SIs UKProv NI
Index Reports CL
InFceNP General L
InForce Date T EA L P ED
IrlProv National L NI
Issue1 Reports CL
Issue2 Reports CL
ItaProv National L NI
JudgRap Reports CL
JurCit CrossRef CL
LatProv National L NI
LegBase CrossRef T EA L P ED
LegCit CrossRef T EA L P PQ ED
Legislat General P PQ
LitProv National L NI
Lodged Date CL
LuxProv National L NI
MalProv National L NI
MiscInf General T EA L P CL NI
Modified CrossRef T EA L P PQ
Modifies CrossRef T EA L P PQ
NatCourt General CL
Nationa General CL
NldProv National L NI
Notes General CL
Notified Date L
Observ All Persons CL
Opinion General CL
OpPart Reports CL
PolGroup General PQ
PolProv National L NI
PrepWork General L
Procedur General CL
PrtProv National L NI
Pub Date T EA L P PQ OD ED
PubRef Biblio T EA P CL NI PQ OD ED
Reference Biblio T EA L P CL NI PQ OD ED
Reltd. SIs UKProv NI
Reply Date PQ
RouProv National L NI
Signed Date T EA
SlokProv National L NI
SlonProv National L NI
Sub Default T EA L P CL NI ED
SubsPrep CrossRef T EA L P
Summary Reports CL
SveProv National L NI
Text All Text T EA L P PQ ED
Title Default T EA L P CL NI PQ OD ED
Transpos Date L
Treaty Biblio T EA L P CL NI PQ ED
TypDoc Biblio T EA L P CL NI PQ OD ED
Update Date Biblio T EA L P CL NI PQ OD ED
Vote Date P


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