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Student Voices: JustisOne is the ideal platform for law students

Student Voices: JustisOne is the ideal platform for law students

Posted by justis1 | 22 September 2015

Legal research can be a real headache as a law student. When I began my internship at Justis Publishing the only platform which I had felt comfortable using was Westlaw. This was until I got a chance to experience JustisOne, a legal research platform merging the best features from the other Justis products – JustCite and Justis. JustisOne is innovating the legal research marketplace.

Comparing the search facilities of JustisOne with LexisNexis and Westlaw when searching for Cma Cgm Sa v Classica Shipping Company Ltd (The Cma Djakarta) [2002] EWCA Civ 1878 is a case in point.

On the face of it the process of searching for cases was pretty similar across all platforms; that is until I made a mistake when typing a party name. While Westlaw and LexisNexis were unable to retrieve any search results, JustisOne’s intelligent search algorithm accommodated the typos and brought me to my intended case.

Navigating the document page in JustisOne is really easy and intuitive. There was a clear banner of useful links to cited cases and categories, as well as a drop down menu enabling me to toggle between judgments from the case’s other hearings. With JustisOne you are alerted if the judgment you are reading is not from the highest court in which the case has been heard. This is really useful for those occasions when it is the transcript from the superior court you are searching for. The appearance of LexisNexis struggles to match this, with separate links directing you to a case overview and full transcript of the case.

While JustisOne may lack an abstract or summary found on other platforms, users can benefit from the key paragraphs feature which shows users the most authoritative paragraphs of the case, as determined by their citation in subsequent cases. This has massive time-saving potential, particularly for long cases.

The precedent map is another visualisation tool unique to Justis Publishing, first found on their JustCite platform and now re-worked for JustisOne. As a feature it helps you discover case relationships, their relevance and treatments in a really fast and accessible way. It is a feature which makes JustisOne standout and I find it particularly useful as a student needing to get to grips with a lot of case law.

It is reassuring that JustisOne has not followed suit with a “timing-out” mechanism used by platforms such as Westlaw. It won’t re-load the pages so you can be confident that you will be able to access your pages time and time again. This is something that will also be thoroughly appreciated by students.

Moving onto the metrics, figures provided on the JustisOne website indicate that the content found on the platform is the most comprehensive of England and Wales judgments; the number of cases being significantly bigger than the other platforms. Case law dates back to 1163 while legislation from 1235 onwards can be found on the platform. Having this amount of information in one platform is undeniably beneficial.

It is of my opinion that JustisOne is the ideal platform for law students, especially those in the early stages of legal education. Its interface is very friendly and accessible for the user. Had I had access to the website at the beginning of my law degree, it would have eased me in to the study of the subject much more easily. I highly recommend the platform to every aspiring lawyer studying towards a degree.


Written by Adrianna Wit

Adrianna worked as an intern at Justis Publishing during the summer of 2015. During her time with us she contributed towards numerous posts on our blog, including case digests and articles for students.

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