New collection of Irish case law

New collection of Irish case law

Posted by justis1 | 12 October 2016

Today, we are very pleased to announce our new collection of Irish case law is available on Justis.

This brings you the Justis Irish Cases (JIC) and the Judgments in the Law Library (JILL), including signed PDFs of the judgments, on our most advanced case law research service yet.

It also marks a significant change in the accessibility of Irish case law, as previously the JILL collection has only been available online to members of the Bar Council; We are pleased to say this has now changed and the JILL collection is available to everyone, exclusively through our services.

The content

JILL, the collection from The Law Library, is an archive of unreported judgments which date back to 1932. The collection began in print, as unreported reports were compiled into what became known as the Red Volumes. In 1983, the Bar Council made the content available electronically; however the database was only available in the Law Library itself, hence the name Judgments in the Law Library. In 2005, we began hosting the collection online, but subscriptions were only available to members of The Bar of Ireland.

In June 2016, we partnered with the Bar Council and together decided it was time to change this. After months of negotiations, an agreement was reached which enabled us to combine JILL with our pre-existing Justis Irish Cases (JIC) collection; the JIC is a Justis collection launched in 2012 that covers superior court judgments, reported and unreported, from 1998 onwards. Together, the JIC and JILL collections create one unique and comprehensive collection of Justis Irish Case Law.

Since then, we have been working hard to bring this content onto our new service Justis, to ensure users can explore the content using our most advanced platform and take advantage of our new research tools. (As the service was launched this year, if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, do give us a call and we can organise an online demonstration.)

Now, the content is officially live and we are pleased to say subscriptions are available to everyone! You can subscribe to the Irish collection as a sole jurisdiction on Justis, or you can subscribe to it in conjunction with any of the other jurisdictions we offer. Please note that the Irish Reports are not included in the core Irish package, but they are available as a Bolt-On.

We have also introduced a new feature, so that you can easily switch between the text of the case and official PDFs of the judgments (which are all approved and signed by the judge(s) in each case) which you can see below.

Improving Access to Case Law Online

At Justis, we aim to improve access to the common law online and we have had some fantastic feedback on our work to this end; one happy customer even informed us that being able to access the JILL cases online would “change [his] life!”. Previously, every time he needed access to JILL he had to travel from Tipperary to Dublin, which he did on a weekly or monthly basis, whereas now he can access the collection from his office or even the comfort of his own home.

Therefore, we would like to extend a huge thanks to the Bar Council for working with us to make this possible and we hope there will be many more of you, who like our friend from Tipperary, will be delighted to see JILL online. Perhaps, it may even be life changing for you too!

Aidan Hawes, Head of Sales, Justis Publishing, Rory Campbell, Editorial Manager, Justis Publishing, Nuala Byrne, Librarian & Information Services Manager with Masoud Gerami, Managing Director, Justis Publishing. Image source 


Justis Ireland FAQ’s

What’s included?
JIC + JILL, available on Justis.

What courts does this cover?
Supreme Court 1931 onwards
High Court 1952 onwards
Court of Criminal Appeal 1932 onwards
Court of Appeal 2014 onwards
Employment Appeal Tribunal
Lower Courts

What’s not included?
The Irish Reports. These are available as a Bolt-On.

What is Justis?
Justis is our new case law and legislation subscription service, launched in January 2016. It is a full-text library and has many advanced features to help make your research easier and quicker.

How can I subscribe?
You can subscribe online or give us a call on +44 (0)20 7284 8080

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