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From Justis to JustisOne – Boston College Legal Eagle

From Justis to JustisOne – Boston College Legal Eagle

Posted by matt-terrell | 14 October 2016

Justis Publishing, the London-based legal information provider behind Justis and JustCite—-two leading databases for UK legal research, has unveiled its newest research platform—-JustisOne. This new “intelligent” research platform has greatly expanded the content of its predecessor, Justis, and will become an online legal library with “one of the largest collections of case law and legislation ever assembled” from countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada. As the go-to place for UK legal research, JustisOne provides UK case law from 1855 onward and statutes from 1235 onward.

In addition to “more content”, JustisOne has also packed the new research platform with enhanced features and made it easier for users to find, analyze, and understand the law. JustisOne incorporates features from JustCite, a citator service that helps researchers identify the relationships between case law and legislation. Other features such as categorization, precedent map, sourcelink, and multiview are designed to give researchers more efficiency in the legal research process, better control of the navigation and deeper insights into the materials.

A long-term subscriber of Justis and JustCite, BC Law Library is currently in negotiation with Justis Publishing to upgrade its subscription to JustisOne. BC Law community is expected to have full access to JustisOne by the end of October.

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