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Justis Publishing to Host Largest Online Collection of British Virgin Islands Judgments

Justis Publishing to Host Largest Online Collection of British Virgin Islands Judgments

Posted by matt-terrell | 30 March 2017
New Justis BVI Judgments series to bring hundreds of electronically searchable documents to a worldwide audience for the first time

London, United Kingdom, December 15, 2010 –(PR.com)– Beginning in January Justis Publishing[1] will host the Justis BVI Judgments on its full-text online legal library, Justis.

Going back to 1994 and including indexed subject terms, the exclusive series will be the world’s first fully searchable database of such a large collection of judgments from the higher courts of the British Virgin Islands.

Though Justis Publishing’s agreement is with the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court[2], the project was spearheaded by Mrs. Tana’ania Small Davis, then president of the BVI Bar Association[3]. Ms. Small Davis said: “The publication of reported cases from the British Virgin Islands is a welcome and essential development in the local jurisprudence. As an offshore jurisdiction, the BVI has a table of well coordinated and modern commercial law legislation. Over the last 10 years especially, there has been a rapid growth of the number of complex, multi-jurisdictional and multimillion dollar commercial cases filed in the Virgin Islands, involving shareholder disputes, contractual issues, fraud, asset recovery and tracing claims and insolvency. Reports of all our cases, but the commercial ones in particular, are of significant interest to practitioners and clients the world over and I am thrilled that they will now be widely available through Justis.”

Hugh Anthony Rawlins, Chief Justice of the ECSC, said: “The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court welcome the publication of this material by Justis Publishing and commend it to legal practitioners worldwide as it provides an invaluable and new dimension for litigation and legal research and practice particularly in the Commercial Court in the Virgin Islands,” while Justice Edward Bannister of the court’s Commercial Division said: “The publication of this material in an accessible form will be of immense benefit to those who use the Commercial Court and will reinforce the reputation of the jurisdiction as an efficient and well equipped centre for the conduct of international commercial litigation.”

Echoing this enthusiasm, Justis Publishing’s Managing Director, Masoud Gerami, said: “Following the launch of the Justis Jamaican Cases, I am delighted that we are now ready to offer the highly valuable Judgments from the British Virgin Islands to our clients. Justis worked closely with the BVI Bar Association for the assembly and creation of this collection, and I am grateful for their assistance and involvement. I am also grateful to the Honourable Hugh Anthony Rawlins, the Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, whose support was integral in the creation of this worthwhile service.”

The new series, which will benefit practitioners and researchers in the British Virgin Islands, the Caribbean and the wider legal world, joins a growing collection of non-British cases on the Justis platform.

For further information, please call +44 (0)20 7267 8989 or email hello@justis.com.

[1] Justis Publishing Ltd has been publishing legal and parliamentary titles online and on CD-ROM since 1986 and in recent years has developed a citator to complement its own and third-party services. The company has secured a leading position in the sector, concentrating on United Kingdom, Irish, Commonwealth and European Union legal, official and business information. Justis Publishing’s customers come from legal and financial professions, government and the academic community in 84 countries worldwide.

[2] The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court was set up in 1967 following the creation of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. Its mission is to serve its Member States by providing access to a system of justice that is accountable and independent, and administered by officers in a prompt, fair, efficient and effective manner.

[3] The BVI Bar Association is a voluntary association of lawyers admitted to practice in the British Virgin Islands. It has its own constitution, ethical standards to uphold, and disciplinary procedures. The Association meets fairly regularly to discuss and decide on various matters affecting the legal profession in the BVI.

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