A letter from the Managing Director

A letter from the Managing Director

Posted by justis1 | 27 April 2017

To mark our 30 year history, we asked our Managing Director, Masoud Gerami, to reflect on the changes that have occurred at Justis and in the legal information services industry. 

In 1986 Justis launched a new online service to fill the gap left by the closure of Eurolex.  Markets always want to have a choice, and the loss of a major service in any market can cause uncertainty and anxiety.  The other principal aim of the business was to focus on digital dissemination of legal information, and to apply helpful and innovative technology to improve discovery and research.

We feel that we have achieved both.  Justis has always tried to offer a choice, as wide, as deep and as affordable as possible, and we are proud to have influenced the way legal information research has evolved from a technology perspective.

As users and service providers we have all experienced significant changes over the last three decades.  We have improved, adapted to new ideas and methods, and have encouraged and urged each other to excel.  I have observed the topics discussed at various law librarian conferences around the world, and the nature of the businesses which exhibit at these conferences.  These changes reflect the way we work, the influence of technology in our day-to-day processes, and how collaboration and the “best of breed” solutions have emerged as key considerations.

Change is never easy, and when the pace of change is as dramatic as it has been in many information sectors, the costs can be high.  The past 30 years have seen many success stories as well as expensive failures, but the net effect has been a major shift in the quality of services, efficacy of tools and an intensified sense of expectation.

As we have moved from one phase to another, it has been tempting to feel that the hard work is done, and that the rest will be plain sailing.  In my view, it is imperative that we resist this temptation, and expect further relentless changes.

For me personally, and from the point of view of Justis, it has been rewarding and enjoyable to have known and worked with so many partners in the industry.  We have also enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with many individuals from the user organisations who have acted as leaders and have inspired us to bring about the changes that have shaped our businesses.

A crucial component in any successful venture is the quality of its team, and I have been lucky to have had so many talented colleagues over the years at Justis.  Their enthusiasm, intelligence and hard work have made Justis and its products what they are, and they will continue to be the case in the future.

We are proud, energised and as committed as ever to carry on with our main principals of offering a choice, and helping the whole industry to improve.

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