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Citations in Search Results

Citations in Search Results

Posted by emily-craxton | 31 May 2017

We love getting feedback from our users. One of our top requests was to display citations in search results – a feature that has just gone live today. You can now click on the court name to see everywhere a case has been reported.



In our search results, we listed cases by name rather than citation to avoid duplication – different stages and law reports are packaged under a single umbrella. But where there are many hearings on different points – a first hearing for an interim injunction, a second for expert evidence and a third for the main hearing – we needed to create a solution that allowed our users to find the right case with ease.

With citations in search results, it is  now much easier to find exactly the judgment you are looking for.

As always, we endeavour to implement your feedback, so do let us know if there is something you would like to see on JustisOne. And if you want to refresh your memory on the value of citations, take a look at our recent post.


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