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In Dominica & looking for UK Statutory Instruments?

In Dominica & looking for UK Statutory Instruments?

Posted by emily-craxton | 15 June 2017

The need for as enacted legislation crops up in interesting corners of the world. For areas in Dominica where there is no Dominican legislation in Dominica, practitioners refer to the UK equivalent legislation – but only pre 1984. This means any amendments post 1984 don’t count, and therefore consolidated legislation is useless for them.

A customer recently told us that that having not known Statutory Instruments are available online on Justis, he had spent a lot of time tracking down older SI’s in old books from Amazon. As you can imagine, he was pleased to know he can actually access everything he needs online.

So, for those looking for UK legislation, on Justis you can access all UK statutes as enacted from 1235 to present with direct links to consolidated versions, as well as all secondary legislation. Content is sourced from the HMSO Statutory Rules and Orders and Statutory Instruments revised to December 31st 1948 collection, and the HMSO yearly volumes after that date. Justis also contains Local and Private Acts from 1797.

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