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New: Admin tools

New: Admin tools

Posted by matt-terrell | 23 June 2017

Account administrators can now manage their organisation’s settings, add new users, manage their IP recognition, request training, email electronic resources to their users and much more with our new admin tools.

Access our new admin tools

As an administrator, when you sign in to JustisOne you will see an Admin button in the left hand menu. Click on the button to open up a new window to our Account Administration page, shown below. Use the left-hand menu and page tabs to navigate between options.

Personal users: Here you can view active users, deactivated users and add new users. You can also send out password reset links to individuals – helping them to gain access to their account faster when they’ve forgotten their log-in details.

IP recognition: for those accounts whose users sign in via IP, you can manage and submit new IP recognition requests here.

Training and resources: Here you can send users our most up-to-date electronic resources, and request training sessions. All training is free to Justis subscribers.

Within the JustisOne application you can also update your organisation’s SourceLink* and jurisdiction settings, by visiting the settings menu.

For more information on using our new tools, or for an admin training session, please contact training@justis.com

*Alongside the full-text content, JustisOne provides an index of law reports, transcripts and official legislation on over 120 services. Access detailed relationships and citation metadata for each case and seamlessly link to the relevant documents on other services using SourceLink.

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