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The Irish Reports: Important update

The Irish Reports: Important update

Posted by emily-craxton | 27 July 2017

Justis and the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland (ICLR) have reached an agreement to make recent judgments available on Justis as soon as their editorial steps have been completed.  This arrangement means that the most authoritative Irish cases will be accessible to practitioners, the courts and academics well before the availability of the cases in hard copy. Some 2017 cases have already been added to The Irish Reports on Justis, and more will be added as well as cases from the previous years.

The decision to add new cases to the electronic version of The Irish Reports on Justis was made by ICLR following the new appointment of Aoife McCarthy, Barrister, as Editor and David Boughton, Barrister, as Deputy Editor of The Irish Reports with effect from June 2017.

Nuala Butler SC, chairperson of the ICLR welcomed this development which ensures that official reports of significant Irish cases will be available to practitioners and to the courts shortly after the judgments are delivered. She says: “Significant work has been done by the Council and its new editorial team to provide up-to-date electronic publication of the Irish reports. We look forward to the on-going provision of this service in association with Justis.”

Justis Managing Director Masoud Gerami, says: “This is a significant development for our online subscribers to The Irish Reports, and we are delighted that users will now be able to access this invaluable content to use in their research as soon as cases are reported.  I congratulate ICLR for such a progressive decision.”

About ICLR 

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland, a legal charity established by the Irish legal profession, publishes The Irish Reports and Digests and other materials intended to help promote the best practice of Irish law.

Today, the Chief Justice, the President of the Court of Appeal, the President of the High Court, the Attorney General and the Director General of the Law Society of Ireland are ex officio members of the Council. Seven members of the Inner Bar (Senior Counsel), five of the Outer Bar (Junior Counsel) and three representatives of the Law Society of Ireland comprise the elected members of the Council. The sesquicentennial of the Law Reporting Council – Ireland’s oldest publishing house – was celebrated last year, 2016.


About Justis 

Justis is a leading provider of online legal research platforms, with case law and legislation from national and international jurisdictions and an intelligent legal research platform, packed with tools to help you research the law more effectively.

Trusted by legal and financial professions, government and the academic community in over 40 countries, Justis offers the largest collection of UK superior court cases, the largest collection of Irish and Caribbean cases, vast libraries of Canadian and Australian cases, and exclusive offshore collections. Justis provides access to many cases you can’t find anywhere else.



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