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New Zealand case law coming soon to Justis

New Zealand case law coming soon to Justis

Posted by emily-craxton | 02 August 2017

London, United Kingdom, August 2017New Zealand case law coming soon

Justis and The Law Report are thrilled to announce a new partnership, making Justis the exclusive provider of The Law Report case law collection from September 2017. The series contains important decisions of the higher courts of New Zealand across all major practice areas from 2010 onwards, and adds another jurisdiction to the vast collection of common law cases already offered by Justis.

Founded by Melissa Perkin, The Law Report provides a legal awareness service in New Zealand, helping practitioners access the cases most relevant to them. With experiences as a solicitor, barrister, Judges’ Clerk, a Regulatory Solicitor at the Law Society, and as creator and original author of the Law Society Bulletin, Melissa adds valuable expertise in selecting important cases and writing headnotes and case summaries with the help of a team of lawyers and legal information professionals.

Moving the collection to Justis is the next step for The Law Report. By combining full-text content with rich metadata, Justis have developed many advanced search tools and features, enabling users to conduct more refined searches, see the treatment of a case at a glance, extract key information and more.

Cases will be available alongside those from other common law jurisdictions including Canada, Australia and the UK, and will be cross-referenced by the Justis editorial team against its entire body of case law – a current practice applied to all cases being added to Justis. Connecting related authorities across jurisdictions presents exciting opportunities for comparative research.

The Law Report will continue to provide summaries for cases with weekly updates, although will be discontinuing their newsletter. The collection will be available on the Justis platform from September 2017.

Founder Melissa Perkin says: “We, at The Law Report, are delighted to have gone into partnership with Justis to enable a much wider range of users from different jurisdictions easier access to pertinent information from The Law Report collection, by using the unique search and analysis tools on the Justis platform.”

Masoud Gerami, Managing Director of Justis says: “I look forward to working with Melissa to continue to deliver the huge benefits derived from The Law Report. This is the first-time that our technology has been applied to judgments from New Zealand, and it will undoubtedly uncover new insights which we are very excited to see.”

About Justis

Justis is a leading provider of online legal research platforms, with case law and legislation from national and international jurisdictions and an intelligent legal research platform, packed with tools to help you research the law more effectively.

Trusted by legal and financial professions, government and the academic community in over 40 countries, Justis offers the largest collection of UK superior court cases, the largest collection of Irish and Caribbean cases, vast libraries of Canadian and Australian cases, and exclusive offshore collections. Justis provides access to many cases you can’t find anywhere else.

The Law Report

The database contains over 4,600 important cases from New Zealand from 2010 onwards, across all major practice areas.

Courts covered include Court Martial Appeal Court of New Zealand, Court of Appeal, District Court, Employment Court, Environment Court, Family Court, High Court, Legal Complaints Review Officer, Maori Appellate Court, Maori Land Court, NZ Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal, Privy Council, Supreme Court and Taxation Review Authority

For additional information regarding the Law Report and Justis partnership, please email marketing@justis.com

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