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New feature: CiteLine

New feature: CiteLine

Posted by matt-terrell | 29 August 2017

At Justis we’re always looking for new ways to improve legal research with technology. Recently our development team were tasked with creating new, innovative ways to browse the cases which subsequently refer to a judgment without even needing to leave the webpage, to save you time opening additional cases and searching for the relevant passages.

Currently, when you are viewing a case and you want to see how other judges have referred to your case of interest, you may find yourself with multiple browser tabs open flicking back and forth between cases to see how the case has been cited, or trawling through printed judgments for the citation highlighting numerous sections with marker pens and getting lost in a mountain of paper. However, this is a now a thing of the past.

Our developers created CiteLine: a stream lined approach to viewing paragraphs from citing cases in an intuitive way. When you are viewing a case, under Citing Cases, you will now see a new All Citing Cases button, shown above. This will open CiteLine, and show all the relevant passages displayed on Case Cards, which you can navigate through from left to right. Below the case cards, the traffic light menu shows you how many cases there are and an indication of the treatment given. Simply click on one of the dots to jump straight to a case.

Another useful feature of CiteLine is being able to browse the paragraphs from citing cases and see the full text of the main case of interest at the same time, side-by-side. To do this, open CiteLine following the steps above, and then click the Multiple View button in the top right. You’ll now be able to scroll through all the case cards. You can also select Go to Paragraph to open the full text of the citing case and go straight to the relevant paragraph.

The finishing touches are currently being added to CiteLine and will be available to JustisOne subscribers in October.

While you eagerly anticipate the arrival of CiteLine, why not suggest a new feature? Our developers and product team love to hear from customers to find out what you need to make your day-to-day tasks more efficient. If you would like to suggest a feature, or provide feedback on CiteLine or any other JustisOne tools contact marketing@justis.com

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