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New feature coming soon: Practice & Category Browser

New feature coming soon: Practice & Category Browser

Posted by david-hand | 18 September 2017

At Justis, we offer you the most comprehensive collection of common law cases available online. This includes the largest collection of Irish, Caribbean and UK superior court cases, alongside extensive international coverage. To help you explore these we already have a legal taxonomy with over 1.5 million terms to categorise every case, both reported and unreported, to ensure that you can identify all relevant cases for the matter at hand.

Considering unreported judgments are increasingly relevant to those conducting legal research, we all face an even greater task to manage this increased workload. We at Justis believe that technology can reduce the time spent searching for relevant cases, and our new platform JustisOne has been designed with this in mind.

We are continually striving to provide you with new tools to make your research easier, and to help make the task of researching both reported and unreported cases more manageable, our developers have created the Practice & Category Browser. This is an intuitive way to explore our comprehensive common law case collection by practice area, key phrase or category, using the terms from our exclusive legal taxonomy.

To access this new feature, click Browse in the left-hand menu as shown above. This will open the Practice & Category Browser, and display 46 areas of legal practice, alongside the number of cases in each of these areas. As you select these, it will allow you to filter our case law database by practice area, with increasing specificity, to assist you in finding the cases most relevant to your research.

Each of the category boxes can also be filtered by text in real-time, as shown in the image above, to allow you to reduce the options available. This allows you to get to the areas of law you are researching with greater focus, getting you closer to relevant cases, faster. The cases found by the Practice & Category Browser can be ordered and filtered using the tools which already exist in JustisOne, and the Categories filter in particular can be used to ensure that you are only seeing relevant cases to your area of law, as shown in the image below.

The finishing touches are currently being added to the Practice & Category Browser, and it will be available to JustisOne subscribers in October, alongside the new CiteLine feature.  If you haven’t yet subscribed to JustisOne, please view our subscriptions page for more information.

Our developers and product team would love to hear your suggestions of features that would benefit your legal research, or your feedback on the Practice & Category Browser or any other JustisOne tools contact marketing@justis.com

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