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New content: Jersey unreported judgments

New content: Jersey unreported judgments

Posted by david-hand | 24 October 2017

At Justis, we believe both reported and unreported judgments should be considered when conducting legal research, which is why we carry unreported judgments from England & Wales, Ireland, 18 Caribbean jurisdictions, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

We have now added Jersey to that list, with unreported judgments now being available alongside our Jersey Law Reports collection. This will be a growing series of unreported judgments, and highlights our ongoing commitment to enabling you to conduct the most thorough research possible.

With law reports only covering around 20% of higher court cases in the UK, and that percentage being mirrored in other jurisdictions, focusing only on reported judgments means that you might be missing important cases in the other 80%. Unreported judgments can negatively cite reported cases, and they can set precedent in very specific areas of law, which might not be seen as noteworthy enough to be included in a reported series but might be enough make or break a case. It is this which makes it increasingly important to consider unreported judgments in legal research, and as more legal practitioners do this the more risk there is in failing to research unreported judgments that may be important to your case.

We realise that considering unreported judgments means considering 5 times as many cases as you would be if you just focused on reported judgments. In order to assist you in tackling this vast amount of judgments our flagship legal research platform, JustisOne, has been designed to make searching the collection of reported and unreported cases we carry intuitive and efficient, to enable you to find the cases relevant to your argument. JustisOne allows you to view cited and citing cases instantly, along with the treatment they received, so you can determine if a case is relevant to be explored further. Data visualisation, as shown above, will provide a quick way to ascertain if a case is current and good law. Our forthcoming practice & category browser, below, will allow you to filter our comprehensive case law database by specific practice areas, so you are only searching within those areas, getting you closer to the cases that matter to your research, faster.

Read more about the importance of unreported judgments.


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