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Feature update: Advanced Search

Feature update: Advanced Search

Posted by david-hand | 26 October 2017

At Justis, we provide the largest collection of UK superior court judgments, the largest collection of Irish cases, and the largest collection of Caribbean cases available online. Alongside this, we also carry exclusive cases from New Zealand, and extensive coverage of Australian and Canadian cases. Beyond this, we index content from over 120 online resources.

A database of that size is only as useful as the search tools which allow users to find the content they need. Our development team are continually striving to make JustisOne the most efficient platform for your legal research, and have been working to improve the Advanced Search feature.

To access the improved Advanced Search, click on the Advanced icon in the left-hand menu. This will display the Advanced Search options that you are familiar with, but with some important changes designed to enable you to get closer to the cases you need. The most obvious change is the ability to pre-filter your search through selecting the jurisdictions and reports we offer cases from, as shown below. These offer more fine-grained control exactly what you are searching within. When any of these options are selected, it is highlighted by a notification in the regular search bar.

The filters in the Advanced Search will work in conjunction with your jurisdiction settings. This is displayed to you by greying-out options that are not available based on the jurisdictions, and pre-selecting all available content within the jurisdictions you have selected by default, as shown below. You can then further fine-tune the filters by selecting or deselecting the jurisdictions or reports you want to search within.

These changes are designed to give you greater control over what you are searching for, to enable you to get closer to the cases that matter to your research. Alongside this, we’re adding an ‘Anywhere’ search box to the Advanced Search which acts in the same way as the regular search bar, and is a good place to add any terms that don’t obviously fit into any of the other categories.

We are adding the finishing touches to the improved Advanced Search feature, and it will be available to JustisOne subscribers early in November. The practice & category browser is also coming soon, and you can read more about this here.

Our development team are working on the technology behind the search, to ensure that JustisOne is returning the most relevant cases. To share your feedback on the Advanced Search feature or any other JustisOne tools, or your suggestions of features that would benefit your legal research, contact marketing@justis.com



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