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New content – November 2017

New content – November 2017

Posted by david-hand | 30 November 2017

New content: 1,082 new cases and documents added last month:

CCH British Tax Cases 52
CCH British VAT Cases 28
Justis Irish Employment Appeal Cases 19
E&W Judgments Civil 195
E&W Judgments Criminal 131
E&W Judgments Criminal Archive 1
E&W Judgments HoL/SC 15
Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court 41
NSW Judgments 124
NT Judgments 2
Victoria Judgments 50
Bermuda Judgments 19
Ontario (CA) 55
Alberta (CA, QB, PC) 81
Saskatchewan (CA) 14
Caribbean Court of Justice 17
High Court of Australia 6
Cayman Islands Judgments 76
Justis Irish Case Law 156

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