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JustisOne roadmap

JustisOne roadmap

Posted by david-hand | 01 March 2018

We wanted to share with you a section of our development roadmap, which highlights some of the significant features we are currently working on to improve JustisOne. Many of the current improvements come from working closely with our customers, and our development team are working hard to get these features to you as soon as possible.

Our complete roadmap contains an exhaustive list of requests and updates that will be coming over the next 12 months. For now, here’s what we’re currently working on and some of our recent updates.

Recent updates:

Latest revision for UK legislation

When viewing legislation on JustisOne, you are now able to see the latest revision available from legislation.gov.uk, and will be the same content as they provide on their website. This saves you time as you no longer need to access other resources for this information. You can access this from the “Latest Revision” tab when viewing UK legislation, as shown below.

PDFs for all judgments

Previously, not all of the content that we provide on JustisOne was available to download in PDF format.  We are now generating PDFs for cases and content, and will continue to do so for all new content added to JustisOne. This will include Irish cases, Caribbean cases, UK cases, Acts and Statutory Instruments.

Improved mobile experience

Making the site more mobile friendly is key for some of the exciting things that we have planned for later in the year. With that in mind the mobile experience has had a major upgrade with an improved layout to make better use of the smaller screen, and speeding up the loading time on mobile devices when viewing large documents.  There are a lot of minor tweaks to this experience that make the site a pleasure to use on any device. As with all of our features, we will continue to monitor and improve on these changes, and incorporate customer feedback.

Improvements to Home Institution sign-in experience

We have reworked the Home Institution sign-in experience to make it easier for students to find their organisation and sign in to the service. JustisOne now remembers the last institution a student selected and displays that by default the next time they sign in. The list is also searchable so users can find their institution as quickly as possible.


Here are a few of the improvements we’re currently planning and working towards:

Adding EU data to JustisOne

We are currently working on adding EU content to JustisOne. This includes full text, PDFs and metadata from the following sources:

  1. EU Case Law
  2. EU Legislation
  3. EU Proposals
  4. EU Treaties
  5. EU External Agreements
  6. EU Parliamentary Questions
  7. National Implementations
  8. Official Journal C Series (European Parliament Minutes)
  9. Official Journal C Series (Main)
  10. Official Journal C Series Documents
  11. European Court of Human Rights Cases
  12. European Free Trade Association Documents

With 671,329 files to date, it’s critical you can find what you’re looking for. This will be easier than ever before with JustisOne, which will allow you to navigate it more efficiently and gain insight faster.

The addition of this data will also see some changes to the advanced search functionality, allowing a greater selection of fields to be specifically targeted, offering better filtering options and improved usability. These features will also enhance the functionality currently available for other types of documents on the service giving great flexibility when searching.

This is just the beginning, and we’ll be continuing to add more features to the EU content after the initial release, to make it as easy to work with as possible.

Basic auto-correct functionality

One of the most popular features in JustCite was the auto-correct functionality, which would spot typos in case names and look to correct them for you. We have heard from you – this is a feature you would like in JustisOne, and we will be adding this to the service soon.

Redevelop usage reports

Our usage reports are receiving an update too, to give you better insight into how everyone is using the service and the value it brings to your organisation.


Have your say!

We always encourage our customers to contact us with their feedback. If you would like to see other updates and improvements, then do not hesitate to get in touch and talk to us about anything.

If you have any feedback on what we are working on, or have suggestions for what you would like to see in the future, please contact marketing@justis.com

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