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Three ways to determine if a case is considered good law

Three ways to determine if a case is considered good law

Posted by david-hand | 18 June 2018

Knowing if a case is regarded as good law can often take an extensive amount of time, especially if you are required to read each subsequent judgment or review the treatments that a case receives.

However, there are multiple ways to determine if a case remains good law at a glance using Justis’ advanced legal technology, which has been made possible by our dedicated editorial team who assign one of fourteen different treatment types to cases.

“The Justis precedent map is an excellent tool for seeing at a glance where an authority has been considered. Equivalent deliberate search would take up to a few minutes and is not really possible on some platforms.” James M. Turner QC, Barrister, Quadrant Chambers

These treatments can be seen throughout JustisOne, our flagship legal research platform. By offering you this treatment information, we enable you to use your expertise to determine how reliable a case might be, rather than providing a single, definitive treatment which may not be relevant for how you might want to use a case in your argument.

JustisOne Cited Cases good law

Our CiteLine feature builds on this approach to treatment information and displays all subsequently citing passages alongside the treatment given. The cited passages enable you to determine at a glance if a case could be relevant to your matter at hand.

JustisOne CiteLine good law

Finally, JustisOne’s Precedent Map is a visualisation tool which displays treatments over time in chronological order, allowing you to see exactly when a case was treated positively or negatively. This is a powerful and efficient way to determine if a case remains good law.

JustisOne Precedent Map good law


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