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30 years of innovation

From the beginning, Justis has been at the forefront of the digital dissemination of legal information. In 1989, we produced the first ever case law database on CD-ROM. We were the first commercial database provider to partner with the European Commission, and the first to provide case law as exact replica PDFs. Today, we continue to innovate with our flagship legal research platform, JustisOne. For over 30 years, Justis has been trusted by law firms, barristers, government departments and academic institutions around the world.

The making of something special

We launched JustisOne in 2016 and it is the combination of our two earlier products; Justis, the previous library and JustCite, our powerful citator. Launched in 1999, the previous Justis platform was widely regarded as one of the most intuitive online libraries at the time. JustCite, launched in 2005, provides an index of legal material, with invaluable case relationships and citations metadata. Users would subscribe to these products individually or together. JustisOne now combines these products into a single, unified resource, to bring you a next-generation research platform.

Meet our team

Justis products are built by a team of software engineers and qualified lawyers with experience in private and commercial practice. Our account managers and training team are here provide you with full support, alongside our operation, marketing and financial teams, who look after the core aspects of the business.

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Masoud Gerami

Managing Director

Dean Pendley

Head of Development

Robin Chesterman

Head of Product

Caroline Galek

Customer Accounts Coordinator

Rose Higgins

Head of Training & Customer Support

Jimmy Grollman

IT & Customer Service Manager

Natalie Milman

Business Development Consultant – Global

Aidan Hawes

Head of Sales

Rakesh Patel

Senior Developer

Stuart Duff

Senior Developer

Ravi Ganapathi

Senior Developer

Karen Thompson

Content Team Manager

Fojan Nourouzi

Account Manager- Asia Pacific

Matt Terrell

Head of Marketing

Joe Sibley

Senior Account Manager- North America

Marie-Armance Renaud

Business Development Consultant – Global Academic Specialist

Kalam Lais

Senior Test Analyst

Anabela Ribeiro


Joe Dickens

Account Manager- Europe

Zenaira Khan

Senior Training Executive

Rory Campbell

Head of Editorial Content

Joe Gerard

Junior Developer

Tristan Bunyan

Junior Developer

David Hand

Communications Analyst

Dan Thomas

Business Development Consultant

Sam Foley

Business Development Consultant