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United Kingdom

CCH British Tax Cases 1875 onwards
CCH British VAT Cases 1973 onwards
CCH Special Commissioners’ Decisions 1995 onwards
Commercial Law Cases 1994 onwards
Court of Appeal (Civil Division) 1951 onwards
Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) 1963 onwards
English Reports 1220-1873
Extradition Law Reports 2005 onwards
High Court 1996 onwards
House of Lords / Supreme Court 1852 onwards
Immigration Appeal Reports 1972 onwards
Inquest Law Reports 2000 onwards
Local & private acts 1798 onwards
Mental Health Law Reports 1999 onwards
Privy Council 1999 onwards
Scottish Session Cases 1873 onwards
Scottish Session Cases Archive 1821-1872
State Trials 1163-1858
Statutes 1235 onwards
Statutory Instruments 1671 onwards
The Times Law Reports 1990 onwards

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Supreme Court 1967 onwards
High Court 1952 onwards
Court of Criminal Appeal 1932 onwards
Court of Appeal 2014 onwards
Employment Appeal Tribunal 1998 onwards
Lower Courts 1998 onwards
Irish Statutory instruments 1998 onwards
Irish statutes 1925 onwards
Irish Reports 1806 onwards
Northern Ireland Reports Digest 1925 onwards
Irish Law Times Reports Digest 1919 onwards
Irish Jurist Reports Digest 1935 onwards
Irish Reports Digest 1917 onwards
Irish Law Reports Monthly Digest 1977 onwards
Irish Law Journal Digest 1931 onwards
Irish Special Reports Digest 1998 onwards

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Australian Capital Territory Court of Appeal 2002 onwards
Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court 1999 onwards
High Court of Australia 2000 onwards
New South Wales Court of Appeal 1999 onwards
New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal 1999 onwards
New South Wales Supreme Court 1999 onwards
Northern Territory Court of Appeal 1994 onwards
Northern Territory Court of Criminal Appeal 1993 onwards
Northern Territory Supreme Court 1986 onwards
Tasmania Court of Criminal Appeal 2010 onwards
Tasmania Supreme Court 1999 onwards
Victoria Court of Appeal 1997 onwards

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Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court 2003 onwards
Jamaican Cases 1999 onwards
Cayman Islands Judgments 1989 onwards
BVI Cases 1994 onwards
Bermuda cases 2013 onwards
Caribbean Court of Justice 2006 onwards
Cayman Islands Law Reports 1952 onwards
Bermuda Law Reports 1986 onwards

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EU & International

EU Case Law 1954 onwards
Human Rights Conventions & Case Law 1950 onwards
Jersey Law Reports 1970 onwards
Singapore Law Reports 1965 onwards
International Law Reports 1919 onwards
Aspinall Maritime Cases 1870-1940

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Supreme Court 1876 onwards
Federal Court of Appeal 1993 onwards
Alberta Court of Appeal 1998 onwards
Alberta Superior Court 1980 onwards
Alberta Provincial Court 1998 onwards
British Columbia Court of Appeal 1999 onwards
British Columbia Supreme Court 1989 onwards
Ontario Court of Appeal 2007 onwards
Saskatchewan Court of Appeal 2004 onwards

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