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At Justis we offer individual and group training sessions to ensure you get the most from JustisOne. All training sessions are tailored to the attendees needs, from aspiring students to members of the Queen’s Counsel.

Training is included with every subscription.

“Justis training staff delivers on a level which all our students find easy to understand.”

Jeremy Marshall, University of Liverpool

“My colleagues and I thought the training was very helpful indeed: it was well organized, thorough, practical and to-the-point.”

Karen S. Beck, Boston College, Massachusetts

For everyone

Each training session last approx. one hour, depending on your training needs. Training sessions are conducted online, so that your staff or students can join the session remotely. We can also offer in-person training in select parts of the UK and Ireland.

Admin resources

We can provide special training sessions for JustisOne’s Admin Portal, and create customised online training guides to include your organisations logo and subscription information.

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To book a training session, please contact our training department:

training@justis.com  |  +44 (0)20 7284 8083