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Search operators

Boolean search operators for JustisOne

Boolean operators allow you to be more specific in your searching. Operators for combining or excluding terms are and, or and not. Ensure your search terms are in double quotations.

An example: “duty of care” AND “discrimination”

To search a year, use year[<date] for before the date, [>date] for after the date. You can also use the advanced search form to search a year range.

An example: “duty of care” AND “discrimination” year[< 2005]

The proximity operator is W/number. This allows you to search for a term within a certain number of words ie. reposess W/10 house will return any results where house appears within 10 words either side of reposess.

The asterisk operator (*) will help you search for varients of a word i.e child* will search for child, children and childhood.

Combining and excluding terms

and & A and B Must contain both A and B
or | A or B Can contain either A or B or both
 not ! A not B Must contain A and must not contain B

Date ranges

before < < 2000 Before the date
after > > 2000 After the date
equals or before =< =< 2000 On or before the date
equals or after => =>2000 On or after the date

Proximity Operators 

within of  w/ A within 5 of B A must be within 5 words of B
near near A near B A must be within 10 words of B.