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From the beginning, Justis has worked at the forefront of the digital dissemination of legal information. In 1986, we produced the first ever case law database on CD-ROM. We were the first commercial database provider to partner with the European Commission, and the first to provide case law as exact replica PDFs. Today, we continue to innovate with our flagship legal research platform, JustisOne.

At the heart of our success are people who innovate, create, inspire and lead.

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The development of online legal tools and databases has had a huge impact on both legal professionals and academics over the past 30 years, and will continue to improve the way they access and analyse the law.

We are seeking a full-time researcher in Camden, London, to independently conduct investigations into the impact and outcome of using online legal tools and databases in law schools and legal organisations.

Ideal candidates will be recent graduates or doctoral students from social science, psychology, business or another relevant discipline, within commutable distance to London.

The successful candidate will be confident in:

  • designing and conducting research investigations from start to finish
  • capturing qualitative and quantitative data, and conducting appropriate analysis
  • conducting a comprehensive literature review
  • writing reports and publishing in top-quality journals
  • presenting original research at relevant conferences

You should be:

  • able to travel to locations in and around London
  • proficient in Microsoft Office applications
  • able to collaborate and communicate effectively with external and visiting consumers, partners and participants

Other beneficial attributes, but not necessary:

  • previous experience analysing quantitative data using R or similar statistics software
  • a basic understanding of the law, legal systems and the role of legal professionals within common law jurisdictions

How to apply

The position is open to both recent graduates and postgraduate/doctoral students.

To apply for the position, send an email with information about your current research area, relevant experience, availability and your CV, to

If you have any recent publications or conference papers, please include the references within your email.