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Trusted by legal and financial professions, government and the academic community in over 40 countries, Justis offers the most comprehensive collection of common law cases online.

Why we give you more

At Justis, we believe both reported and unreported judgments should be considered in research.

Law reports only cover around 20% of higher court cases in the UK, and many precedents go unreported due to financial and resource constraints. Decisions relevant to your client’s case may not have been reported if on a slightly obscure point of law. That’s why we give you both.

Better technology now makes it possible to make these decisions more accessible. Discover how on our technology page.

Bringing resources together

If you have access to a number of services, it can be time-consuming checking each one for the case you’re looking for.

JustisOne combines a full-text library with an index of content from all the major platforms, so you can locate a case with a single search across multiple database. By indexing law reports, judgments and content from other jurisdictions, we ensure you have everything you need in one place, reducing the inherent risk of missing a crucial legal authority available elsewhere.

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The largest collection of UK superior court judgments

Justis provides the largest collection of UK superior court judgments available online dating back to 1852, and the full legislative history as enacted of the UK from 1235 onwards, including repealed legislation and secondary legislation. Over 100 new cases are added every week, including reported and unreported cases.

Cases from 1163

Legislation from 1235

Also available: Scottish Session Cases, English Reports, State Trials, The Times Law Reports, Inquest Reports, Extradition Reports, Commercial Law Cases, Index of the UK Parliament Proceedings, and much more

Full UK listing

The largest collection of Irish case law available online

Our Irish collection combines the The Justis Irish Cases (JIC) and the Bar Council Law Library’s vast archive of unreported cases.

The JIC is an authoritative series of Court of Appeal and Supreme Court Irish cases with headnotes written by our editors, published within 48-72 hours of a case being handed down in most cases. The Bar Council Law Library’s archive was previously only accessible to members of the Bar. Justis made these cases available to everyone for the first time in 2016 – creating the largest collection of Irish cases available online.

Cases from 1838

Legislation from 1925

Also available: The Irish Reports & Digests

Full Irish listing

The largest collection of Caribbean cases online

Justis has provided Caribbean case law since 2011, covering decisions of the Caribbean Court of Justice, and higher courts of the Eastern Caribbean, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Bermuda. Our coverage continues to grow, and in 2017 we became the exclusive provider of Carilaw.

Carilaw is a vital database of unreported cases with headnotes, covering 18 Caribbean jurisdictions, including those decided by the Caribbean Court of Justice, and superior and specialist courts.

Cases from 1838

Including court decisions from Anguilla, Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Trinidad and more

Full Caribbean listing 

Extensive coverage of Australian court decisions

Justis provides access to decisions of Australia’s higher courts and regional courts, adding around 80 new cases each week.

Cases are cross-referenced with those from other jurisdictions and lists are generated of cases and legislation cited by those cases, to show you the effect of the case on the existing corpus of law and help you find binding or persuasive authorities from other jurisdictions.

Between UK and Australian cases in the database, there are over 47,000 citation relationships. This makes the UK and Australian package an invaluable resource for Australian and UK practitioners.

Cases from 1986

Including decisions of the Capital Territory Court of Appeal, Capital Territory Supreme Court, New South Wales Court of Appeal, High Court of Australia, New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal and more 

Full Australian listing

Complete coverage of EU law

Justis provides complete coverage of EU law from 1951 to the present day, including regulations, directives, and judgments of the European Court of Justice. Content is sourced from The Publications Office of the European Union, and fully cross-referenced with related domestic law including implementation measures, Statutory Instruments and UK case law.

Cases from 1951

Including decisions of the European Court of Justice, Treaties, Regulations, Directives, Proposed legislation, Official Journal of the UK, Parliamentary Questions, EFTA Documents; all decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, European European Human Rights Conventions and Protocols

Full EU listing

Important cases from New Zealand

Justis partnered with The Law Report (New Zealand) in 2017, to make this database available on the Justis platforms. The Law Report contains important cases from the higher courts of New Zealand spanning all major practice areas from 2010 onwards, with case headnotes.

Cases from 2010 

Including decisions of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, District Court, Privy Council, Legal Complaints Review Officer, Taxation Review Authority, Employment Court, Environment Court, Family Court, High Court and more 

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Extensive coverage from Canada

Contains judgments of the higher national and provincial courts, with around 80 new cases added each week.

Cases are cross-referenced with those from other jurisdictions and lists are generated of cases and legislation cited by those cases, to show you the effect of the case on the existing corpus of law and help you find binding or persuasive authorities from other jurisdictions.

Cases from 1876

Including decisions of the Supreme Court, Federal Court of Appeal, Alberta Superior Court, Court of Appeal and Provincial Court, British Columbia Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, Ontario Court of Appeal and more

Full Canadian listing

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The International Law Reports

The International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of decisions of international courts and arbitrators as well as judgments of national courts. It includes an enormously diverse range of topics such as international boundaries state and diplomatic immunity, war, terrorism and refugee law.

Cases from 1919

The official series is updated four times a year.

Full international listing

The Singapore Law Reports

Part of the Singapore Academy Collection, the Singapore Law Reports is a fortnightly report of all significant cases heard in the Singapore Court of Appeal, High Court, and Constitutional Tribunal, selected by the Council of Law Reporting. The database includes a reissue from 1965 to 2009, with new headnotes and catchwords.

Cases from 1965

Including the Singapore Academy of Law Annual Review and the Singapore Academy of law Academy Journal 

Full international listing

Complete offshore collection

Access the Cayman Islands Law Reports, Jersey Law Reports, and court decisions of British Virgin Islands (BVI) all in one place, only with Justis.

You can see how these cases cite one another across the jurisdictions on our newest platform. Lists of related authorities are generated of cases and legislation cited by those cases, and our editors cross cross-reference cases to determine case treatments, to show the effect of the case on the existing corpus of law.

Cases from 1952

The Cayman Island Law reports are exclusively available from Justis for international customers. 

Full Caribbean listing

View Jersey listing