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The first EU database

The European core offers complete coverage of EU law from 1951 to the present day, including regulations, directives, decisions, legislative proposals and judgments of the European Court of Justice. Content is sourced from The Publications Office of the European Union, and fully cross-referenced with related domestic law including implementation measures, Statutory instruments and UK case law.

European law is notoriously difficult to research; by providing this content with direct links between EU and UK content, we bring you a far more user-friendly resource.

Justis were the first commercial database provider to partner with the European Commission.

Court of Justice 1952 onwards

General Court / Court of First Instance 1989 onwards

Civil Service Tribunal 1998 onwards

Treaties 1952 onwards

Regulations 1952 onwards

Directives 1952 onwards

EC Proposed Legislation 1952 onwards

C Series (Information and Notices) 1990 onwards

L Series (Legislation) 1990 onwards

Parliamentary Questions 1951 onwards

EFTA Documents 1994 onwards

Case Law 1960 onwards

Conventions 1950 onwards

A complete collection of the reports of all cases from the ECHR; all European Human Rights Conventions and relevant Protocols.