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The following products are English language law report series from foreign and international courts, all available individually in addition to any core.

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1902 onwards

The only publication which is entirely devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of decisions of international courts and arbitrators, and judgments of national courts.

1844 – 1940

Law reports of British, Irish and international maritime cases.

1969 onwards

An authoritative and definitive series of general law reports from Jersey, containing judgments from Jersey’s Royal Court and appeal courts.

1965 onwards

The Singapore Law Reports (1965 onwards) are one element of the Singapore Academy Collection. A fortnightly report of all significant cases heard in the Singapore Court of Appeal, High Court, and Constitutional Tribunal, selected by the Council of Law Reporting. The database includes a reissue from 1965 to 2009, with new headnotes and catchwords.

The Academy Collection also includes the Singapore Academy of Law Annual Review (2000 onwards), and the Singapore Academy of law Academy Journal (1989 onwards)

Indexed titles

Alongside the full-text content, JustisOne provides an index of law reports, transcripts and official legislation on over 120 services. Access detailed relationships and citation metadata for each case and seamlessly link to the relevant documents on other services.

Why index cases from other platforms?

With an increasing number of legal databases online, it can be difficult to know which platform has the content you’re looking for, and searching multiple services is time-consuming. Justis provides a single point of entry for all your research.

All Malaysia Commercial Reports 2011 – present
All Malaysia Reports 1992 – present
All Malaysia Tax Cases (Thomson/Sweet & Maxwell) 1937 – 2010
Aspinall’s Maritime Cases 1870 – 1940
Business Law Journal 1993 – 1996
Chinese Maritime and Commercial Law Reports 2012 – present
Current Law Journal 1982 – present
Industrial Law Journal (LexisNexis) 2010 – present
Industrial Law Reports 1993 – present
International Law Reports 1919 – present
International Tax Law Reports N/A
International Trusts & Estates Law Reports N/A
Islamic Law (Selected Cases) 2004
Jurnal Hukum 2002 – present
Malayan Cases Vol. I – IV
Malayan Law Journal 1932 – present
Malaysia and Singapore Company and Securities Law Cases 1986 – present
Malaysia and Singapore Company and Securities Law Reports N/A
Malaysia and Singapore Tax Cases 1950 – present
Malaysian Consumer Law Journal 2011
Malaysian Law Review (High Court) 2012 – present
Personal Injury Reports 2007 – present
Privy Council Cases 1875 – 1909
Sessions & Magistrates’ Cases 2012 – present
Shariah Law Reports (LexisNexis) 2005 – present
Syariah Reports/Laporan Syariah 2010 – present

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