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In 2012, Justis launched its official collection of Irish case law consisting of superior court reported and unreported judgments from 1998 onwards. This collection, known as Justis Irish Cases (JIC), is an authoritative series with headnotes written by our editors and is commonly cited in the Irish Courts.

Written by our editors, the JIC headnotes provide a summary of Court of Appeal and Supreme Court Irish cases. These are published within 48-72 hours of a case being handing down in most cases. Cases are cross-referenced with the Irish Reports and the Irish law Reports Monthly. Lists are also generated of cases and legislation cited by those cases, to note how the citing case has effect on the existing corpus of law.

We are delighted to have now combined our own collection with the Bar Council Law Library’s vast archive of unreported cases. Previously only accessible to members of the Bar, we are pleased to make these documents available to anyone for the first time.

The Ireland core includes PDFs of the original court documents, signed and approved by the judges in each case.

Supreme Court 1967 onwards

High Court 1952 onwards

Court of Criminal Appeal 1932 onwards

Court of Appeal 2014 onwards

Lower Courts 1998 onwards

Employment Appeal Tribunal1998 onwards

Including reported and unreported judgments

Statutes 1925 onwards

Statutory Instruments 1998 onwards

As enacted

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1838 onwards

The Irish Reports is the most authoritative series of Irish case law, published by the ICLR for Ireland. The Irish Digests series is a comprehensive record of cases published in The Irish Reports, The Northern Ireland Reports, The Irish Law Times Reports, The Irish Law Reports Monthly and more. The Irish Reports & Digests are exclusively available online on Justis.

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Alongside the full-text content, JustisOne provides an index of law reports, transcripts and official legislation on over 120 services. Access detailed relationships and citation metadata for each case and seamlessly link to the relevant documents on other services.

Why index cases from other platforms?

With an increasing number of legal databases online, it can be difficult to know which platform has the content you’re looking for, and searching multiple services is time-consuming. Justis provides a single point of entry for all your research.

Irish Jurist Reports (Digest) 1932 – 1965 ICLR (Ireland) Justis
Irish Law Reports Monthly 1976 – present Thomson Round Hall Westlaw Ireland
Irish Law Reports Monthly (Digest) 1977 – 2000 ICLR (Ireland) Justis
Irish Law Times 1980 – present Round Hall Westlaw Ireland
Irish Law Times Reports (Digest) 1919 – 1980 ICLR (Ireland) Justis
Irish Reports 1838 – present ICLR (Ireland) Justis
Justis Irish Cases 1999 – present Justis Justis
Justis Irish Employment Cases 1998 – present Justis Justis
Law Journal, Irish (Digest) 1931 – 1934 ICLR (Ireland) Justis
Northern Ireland Reports (Digest) 1925 – 1999 ICLR (Ireland) Justis
Northern Ireland Unreported Judgments N/A Butterworths Butterworths / BAILII / Westlaw