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Exclusive New Zealand cases

Our New Zealand Core contains thousands of cases from the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, District Court, Privy Council, Legal Complaints Review Officer, Taxation Review Authority, Employment Court, Environment Court, Family Court, High Court and more, exclusively on JustisOne.

Justis also provides the largest collection of UK superior court judgments, the largest collection of Irish case law, the largest collection of Caribbean cases, extensive Australian, Canadian and international cases, all on JustisOne – our flagship legal research platform.

The Law Report

In 2017, Justis and The Law Report announced a new partnership, making Justis the exclusive provider of The Law Report case law collection. The series contains important decisions of the higher courts of New Zealand across all major practice areas from 2010 onwards, and adds another jurisdiction to the vast collection of common law cases already offered by Justis.

“We, at The Law Report, are delighted to have gone into partnership with Justis to enable a much wider range of users from different jurisdictions easier access to pertinent information from The Law Report collection, by using the unique search and analysis tools on the Justis platform.” Melissa Perkin, Founder of The Law Report

Combine resources

Many online case law providers restrict your searches to their content. JustisOne is different, and allows you to find cases across 120 other online services, including NZLII, even if the full text of the case is not on JustisOne.


JustisOne is updated daily, with hundreds of new cases added each week.

Trusted by international law firms, government departments, public companies, sole practitioners and law schools from over 40 countries.


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Summaries and digests

The New Zealand Core comes complete with case summaries and digests, provided by The Law Report. JustisOne also displays the most cited passage of a case.

“I think this is a really great addition to JustisOne, and one that you may find helpful in your research. Foreign law research can be quite daunting, but with this new browse function walking you through legal topics, not just entering key words in and hoping for the best, you may find case law searching from the Commonwealth to be a fair bit easier.”

Jennifer Walker, Head Librarian, County of Carleton Law Association

 “Being able quickly find a case on a platform and then to access other subscription services via the same platform and thus being able to get to the specific law report required for a court bundle has undoubtedly saved time on legal research.”

Diane Miller, Senior Information Officer, Gowling WLG

“The Justis precedent map is an excellent tool for seeing at a glance where an authority has been considered.  Equivalent deliberate search would take up to a few minutes and is not really possible on some platforms.”

James M. Turner QC, Barrister, Quadrant Chambers

“My colleagues and I thought the training was very helpful indeed: it was well organized, thorough, practical and to-the-point. “

Karen S. Beck, Boston College, Massachusetts

“One of my favourite features is the precedent map which is a fantastic tool which helps visualise the links between cases and always get an “ooh” when I demonstrate it during my sessions!”

Theresa Thurston, Academic Liaison Librarian, University of Kent

Did you know?

There are over 100,000 citation relationships between different jurisdictions in JustisOne. Simply use the citations in context feature to highlight these relationships.

Research quality

View the most cited paragraph of a case, visually identify good law, and find important related cases with JustisOne’s advanced technology. Plus, refine your searches with the world’s largest legal taxonomy developed by the Justis team, which powers JustisOne’s category browser and offers more detailed searches than any other legal research platform.

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