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CELEX – European law

Coverage 1951 – Present
Format Internet
Data Provider The Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (EUR–OP)
Additional Info Exact replica PDFs available from 1998 onwards
There are no hidden costs in Justis CELEX: an annual subscription gives you unrestricted access to the service, with no time limits or pay-per-view charges

The official legal database of the European Union

The CELEX (Communitatis Europeae Lex) database, compiled and operated by the European Commission through the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (EUR-OP), is a documentation system for European Union law that is used by all EU institutions.

The information contained in CELEX is drawn from each of the principal institutions of the European Union: the Commission, Council, Parliament and Court of Justice, making it the foundation of all the databases derived from the activities of the European Union.

When created in 1967, CELEX was solely for the use of European Commission employees. Today, hundreds of thousands of lawyers, librarians, civil servants, academics and businesses worldwide rely on CELEX data to monitor developments in EU legislation.

Since 1987 Justis Publishing has produced the Justis CELEX database, taking original full-text data from the European Commission, and adding unique features and greatly enhancing its usability. Justis CELEX has dramatically simplified research into European Community law.

As well as forming an essential reference for the legal practitioner, Justis CELEX is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to make the most of opportunities in Europe.

The data also includes links to UK implementation measures and related Statutory Instruments, which allow subscribers to UK Statutory Instruments to view the full text of the relevant SIs.

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