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English Reports

Coverage 1220 – 1873
Format Internet
Additional Info Exact replica PDFs available

A fully searchable online version of an invaluable archive of authoritative early law reports

The English Reports is the oldest collection of the most authoritative, comprehensive law reports in publication. Over 100,000 of the most important cases reported between 1220 and 1873 compiled into one collection, the English Reports is an essential resource for all Commonwealth barristers and solicitors.

The English Reports database is fully searchable and can be searched simultaneously with other Justis titles. The interface is very easy to use and enables the rapid retrieval of a specific report simply by entering its reference. All commonly used reference formats are recognised along with variations.

Added Features

These reports are available as printable PDFs that replicate the pagination and appearance of the hard copies exactly and are invaluable for use in court.

The reports are cross-referenced and include extensive hypertext links between the reports themselves, and from the reports to UK Statutes. Cases in the English Reports are frequently cited in later series, so links to the reports have also been added to other Justis case law titles, such as The Law Reports.

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