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Industrial Cases Reports

Coverage 1972 – Present
Format Internet & CD–ROM
Data Provider The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR)
Additional Info Exact replica PDFs available
Each record contains the full text of the case report as originally published, as well as complete case references

The definitive series for employment and industrial relations law

The Industrial Cases Reports database contains the complete text of the Industrial Cases Reports, published by The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales. The printed publication dates back to the inauguration of the National Industrial Relations Court in 1972.

The reports cover cases from the Employment Appeal Tribunal, the Court of Appeal, the House of Lords, the High Court and the Restrictive Practices Court. The subject matter includes contracts of employment, health and safety at work, industrial relations, race discrimination, redundancy, restrictive practices, sex discrimination, Social Security and unfair dismissal.

Added Feature

These reports are available as printable PDFs that replicate the pagination and appearance of the hard copies exactly and are invaluable for use in court.

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