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International Law Reports

Coverage 1919 – Present
Format Internet
Data Provider Cambridge University Press
Update Frequency Four times a year
Brochure International Law Reports (Acrobat Reader icon PDF)

The first comprehensive series of electronic case reports of public international law

International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of decisions of international courts and arbitrators as well as judgments of national courts. Justis will provide the first searchable, electronic platform for this material.

Covering all significant cases of public international law from 1919 to the present day, the collection spans from the postwar Treaty of Versailles era to a cyberspace-influenced twenty-first century, featuring an enormously diverse range of topics along the way, including:

  • international boundaries
  • state and diplomatic immunity
  • treaties between states
  • war
  • terrorism
  • refugee law

Once regarded as esoteric, international law has fast become one of the most important areas of law, impacting on the legal systems of every country in the world. And, unlike cases of national law in the UK and Ireland in which litigators are usually confined to the bar, litigation in international law can be fought in court by solicitors, as well as barristers, wherever it is played out, making the online International Law Reports a crucial and universally relevant research tool.

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