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State Trials

Coverage 1163 – 1858
Format Internet
Additional Info Exact replica PDFs available

A fully searchable online version of an invaluable archive of authoritative early law reports

Over seven centuries of higher criminal jurisprudence covering English trials relating to offences against the State or trials illustrative of the law relating to State Officers, e.g. Ministers or Governors of Colonies. A wide variety of cases is covered, predominantly high treason but also bigamy, sedition, seditious libel, murder involving high-ranking officials or peers, riot, piracy, witchcraft, bribery and corruption. It comprises two of the most authoritative series of State Trials, Howell’s/Cobbett’s State Trials (1163–1822) and the New Series (Macdonell’s) (1822–1858), as well as additional material sourced from National Collections and the English (Nominate) Reports.

Added Feature

These reports are available as printable PDFs that replicate the pagination and appearance of the hard copies exactly and are invaluable for use in court.

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