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Justis Full Text Titles

Justis offers you instant access to superior coverage published by a wide variety of authoritative legal sources. Dating as far back as 1163, the Justis legal library provides the most up-to-date case law, legislation, and EU information.

Justis offers you case law as a printable PDF by replicating the pagination of the hard copies exactly. Now in a simple, easy-to-use format, Justis PDFs are invaluable for use in court.

Our user-friendly, innovative search facility provides quick and easy access to regularly-updated full-text archives of key UK and European case law and legislation. Titles are available in any combination, so you need only subscribe to the titles you require.

Primary Case Law

The Justis Primary Case Law range is unrivalled in its breadth and authority.

The following series are produced in conjunction with The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales (ICLR):

Other titles in the Justis Primary Case Law range:

Specialist Case Law

A broad range of specialist titles complements the core titles in the Primary Case Law range.

The Justis Specialist Case Law range comprises the following titles:

Also available:

  • BLISS a comprehensive information source for the construction industry (not full text).

International Law

A new venture for Justis, complementing the core titles in the Primary Case Law range.

The first 2 titles in the Justis International Law range are:

UK Statute Law

Search the entire legislative history of Britain in the time it takes to read this sentence.

The Justis Statute Law range provides access to over 750 years of UK legislation from the Magna Carta to the present, including repealed legislation. It is the only complete electronic source of primary and secondary legislation available, so you can be sure of quickly finding the legislation you need, when you need it.

With content provided by HMSO, the Justis UK Statute Law range includes the following titles, all in full text and available in both Web and CD-ROM versions:

  • UK Statutes – Acts of Parliament of England, Wales and Scotland (1235–present, Crown copyright)
  • UK Statutory Instruments – SIs and other secondary legislation (1671–present, Crown copyright)

The following titles are also available on Justis:

  • HERMES (official UK press releases, 2000–present)

EU Law

An invaluable reference source and an essential tool for businesses looking to make the most of opportunities in Europe.

At the core of the Justis European range is Justis CELEX, which covers 50 years of European law and has dramatically simplified research into this complex area.

With content provided by The Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (EUR–OP), Justis CELEX is complemented by a range of other key European titles, which can be searched individually or in any combination.

The Justis European range includes the following titles, all in full text: