Getting started


Get started in 10 minutes

This video tutorial shows you how to use our new platform, JustisOne. You will learn how to use the various features to search for case law and legislation, analyse key authorities and find related material.

Need more help?

The JustisOne training guide offers detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the service. Visit the support pages for more useful tips to get you started, information on each feature and FAQs.

JustisOne Support |  Justis Library Support   |  JustCite Support

Training sessions

Free training is available to all of our customers.

We know the introduction of new technology can be daunting for some users, therefore we tailor training sessions to your needs. Our personalised sessions can be organised for individuals or groups, online via webinar or in person where possible. Our dedicated training team will help you understand all aspects of Justis, and implement it within your organisation. All of our training sessions are CPD accredited.

To book a training session, please contact us.

Justis Publishing training staff delivers on a level which all of our students find easy to understand.

Jeremy Marshall, University of Liverpool, School of Law & Social Justice

My colleagues and I thought the training was very helpful indeed: it was well-organized, thorough, practical, and to-the-point.

Karen S. Beck, Boston College Law Library

The online training session was very well done.  I feel more confident now in using these databases having been shown new tools and easier ways of doing legal research.

Gomatee Lakhram, Trinidad and Tobago Law Courts

I found it extremely beneficial, especially JustCite, which is far more useful than I could have imagined.  I have since used it to track down some ‘difficult to find’ material.

Andria Lannon, DWP Legal