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United Kingdom

The largest collection of UK superior court judgments

The UK core provides the largest collection of superior court judgments available online dating back to 1852, and the full legislative history of the UK from 1235. Over 100 new cases are added every week, including reported and unreported cases.

The database contains all UK Statutes from 1235 to the present day, including repealed legislation and all Acts from the inception of the Scottish Parliament. All legislation is as enacted, with subsequent amendments listed beside the Act. You can follow direct links to other services to access the consolidated version.

The database provides secondary legislation, with content sourced from the HMSO Statutory Rules and Orders and Statutory Instruments revised to December 31st 1948 collection, and the HMSO yearly volumes after that date. It also contains Local and Private Acts from 1797.

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House of Lords / Supreme Court1852 onwards

Privy Council  1999 onwards

Court of Appeal (Civil Division) 1951 onwards

Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) 1963 onwards

High Court 1996 onwards

Including reported and unreported judgments

Statutes 1235 onwards

Statutory Instruments 1671 onwards

Local & Private Acts 1797 onwards

All legislation is provided as enacted with a comprehensive amendment trail

Bolt-on products

The following products are major and specialist law report series, all available individually in addition to a core product.

1817 – 1873  / Ongoing 1873 onwards

Produced by The Scottish Council of Law Reporting, Session Cases is the most authoritative series of law reports in Scotland. Decisions are reported in full, checked and revised by presiding judges before publication. Session Cases contains judgments from all the key appellate decisions, civil and criminal, from the Court of Session and High Court of Justiciary in Scotland.

1220 – 1873

Containing over 100,000 cases, English Reports is the oldest collection of authoritative early law reports in publication

1163 – 1858

Over seven centuries of higher criminal jurisprudence covering English trials relating to offences against the State. Includes Howell’s/Cobbett’s State Trials (1163–1822) and the New Series (Macdonell’s) (1822–1858), and additional material sourced from National Collections and the English (Nominate) Reports.

1990 onwards

All case reports published in The Times newspaper since 1990. Over 800 cases are published each year and come from a wide range of jurisdictions, including the UK courts, the European Court of Human Rights and the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

1883 onwards

Includes 3 of the leading dedicated tax law reports for the United Kingdom: British Tax Cases, British Value Added Tax Cases (1973 – present) and Special Commissioners’ Decisions (1995 – present).

1991 onwards

Contains full law reports from the higher courts, chosen for their usefulness in advising commercial clients. Covers a broad range of commercial and company topics, including competition, intellectual property, banking and insurance law. Almost 100 carefully selected new cases each year.

1972 onwards

Over 2,000 authoritative and diverse cases concerning immigration law, and covering the application of EU law in the higher English courts.

1999 onwards

A comprehensive collection of cases relating to all aspects of mental health law, largely unreported elsewhere.

2005 onwards

A comprehensive collection of cases relating to all aspects of extradition law, largely unreported elsewhere.

1979 onwards

An index to the proceedings and publications of the Houses of Parliament, and the Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies. Provides a searchable database of Parliamentary questions, Bills going through Parliament, Select Committees and debate records.

UK Parliament is currently only available on the Justis legacy platform.

Please note: Within our UK core our England and Wales Criminal Appeal Judgments collection excludes full coverage between 1990 – 1992.

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Indexed titles

Alongside the full-text content, JustisOne provides an index of law reports, transcripts and official legislation on over 120 services. Access detailed relationships and citation metadata for each case and seamlessly link to the relevant documents on other services.

Why index cases from other platforms?

With an increasing number of legal databases online, it can be difficult to know which platform has the content you’re looking for, and searching multiple services is time-consuming. Justis provides a single point of entry for all your research.

Administrative Court Digest 2001 – present
All England Commercial Cases 2005 – present
All England Law Reports 1936 – present
British Company Cases 1990 – present
British Tax Cases 1875 – 2011
Building Law Reports 2005 – present
Business Law Reports 2007 – present
Butterworths Company Law Cases 2005 – present
Butterworths Human Rights Cases 1997 – present
Butterworths Intellectual Property and Technology Cases N/A
Butterworths Local Government Reports 1951 – present
Butterworths Medico-Legal Reports 1986 – present
Commercial Law Cases 1994 – present
Construction Law Reports 2006 – present
Criminal Appeal Cases 1987 – 2001
Criminal Appeal Reports 1968 – present
Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing) 2001 – present
CSR Case Reports N/A
Customs Duties Cases 2005 – present
Daily Cases 1999 – present
England and Wales Civil Appeal Judgments 1950 – present
England and Wales Criminal Appeal Judgments 1963 – present
England and Wales High Court Judgments 1998 – present
English Reports 1220 – 1873
Entertainment and Media Law Reports 2001 – present
Environmental Law Reports 2001 – present
Estates Gazette Law Reports 1975 – present
Estates Gazette Planning Law Reports N/A
Family Court Reports N/A
Family Law Reports 1980 – present
Fleet Street Reports 1999 – present
Goode: Consumer Credit Reports N/A
Greens Weekly Digest 2007 – 2016
Halsbury’s Laws Annual Abridgment Intellectual Property Digests 1995 – 1998
Harvey on Industrial Relations & Employment Law Cases N/A
Housing Law Reports 1999 – present
Immigration and Nationality Law Reports 2007 – present
Immigration Appeal Reports 1972 – present
Industrial Cases Reports 1972 – present
Industrial Relations Law Reports 1972 – present
Information Law Reports 2001 – present
Intellectual Property Decisions 2005 – present
Justice of the Peace Law Reports N/A
Landlord and Tenant Reports 2001 – present
Law Reports, The 1865 – present
Lloyd’s Law Reports 1951 – present
Lloyd’s Law Reports: Financial Crime 2008 – present
Lloyd’s Law Reports: Insurance and Reinsurance 1998 – present
Lloyd’s Law Reports: Medical 2006 – present
Lloyd’s List Law Reports 1919 -1950
Mental Health Law Reports 1999 – present
New Law Journal (Case Reports only) N/A
Occupational Pensions Law Reports 1992 – 2005
Pensions Ombudsman Determinations N/A
Personal Injuries & Quantum Reports 2001 – present
Police Law Reports 2000 – present
Prison Law Reports 2000 – present
Privy Council (Devolution Cases) 1999 – 2009
Professional Negligence and Liability Reports 2001 – present
Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases 2001 – present
Road Traffic Reports 1970–present
Scots Law Times 2007 – 2013
Scots Law Times (Sheriff Court Reports) 2007 – present
Scottish Case Digests N/A
Scottish Civil Law Reports N/A
Scottish Criminal Case Reports N/A
Session Cases 1873 – present
Simon’s Tax Cases 1990 – present
Special Commissioners’ Decisions 1995 – 2009
State Trials 1163 – 1858
Times Law Reports, The 1990 – present
UK House of Lords Judgments 1996 – 2009
UK House of Lords Judgments 1996 – 2009
UK Supreme Court Judgments 2009 – present
UK Supreme Court Judgments 2009 – present
Weekly Law Reports, The 1953 – present