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The largest collection of UK superior court judgments


Our United Kingdom collection contains over 1,000,000 unique full-text cases and legislative provisions, dating back further than any other provider. This includes the largest collection of superior court judgments available online, with cases dating back to 1163, and the full legislative history of the UK from 1235.

UK Case Law and UK Legislation

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Law reports


We also provide access to the English Reports, State Trials, The Times Law Reports, International Law Reports, CCH Tax Cases, Commercial Law Cases, Immigration Appeal Reports, Mental Health Law Reports, and the Inquest Law Reports, alongside other international reported series.

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UK Case Law and UK Legislation

JustisOne gives you access to the most comprehensive collection of common law cases, including a large selection of exclusive cases and an extensive collection of legislation.


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Legislative provisions

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Important cases are often reported in different series and publications. JustisOne links together the different citations and versions of a case, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and without unnecessary duplication.

Search for transcripts of cases published in: The Law Reports, All England Law Reports, Weekly Law Reports, International Law Reports and many more on JustisOne.

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Up-to-date UK case law


JustisOne is updated daily, with over 100 UK cases added each month.

UK Legislation


Our collection contains all UK Statutes from 1235 to the present day, including repealed legislation and all Acts from the inception of the Scottish Parliament. All legislation is provided as enacted, with subsequent amendments listed beside the Act, alongside the latest revision direct from legislation.gov.uk.

We also provide secondary legislation, with content sourced from the HMSO Statutory Rules and Orders and Statutory Instruments revised to December 31st, 1948, and the HMSO yearly volumes after that date. This is available alongside Local and Private Acts from 1797. JustisOne also enables you to link directly to consolidated legislation.

UK Case Law and UK Legislation

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Scottish cases


Scottish session cases are available in addition to our UK Core. Produced by The Scottish Council of Law Reporting, the Session Cases are the most authoritative series of law reports in Scotland. Decisions are reported in full, checked and revised by presiding judges before publication. The Session Cases contain judgments from all the key appellate decisions, civil and criminal, from the Court of Session and High Court of Justiciary in Scotland. JustisOne also enables you to search for transcripts of cases published in the Scots Law Times, Greens Weekly Digest, Scottish Case Digest, Scots Law Times Lands Tribunal Reports and many more.

Jersey and offshore


The Jersey Law Reports are an authoritative and definitive series of general law reports from Jersey, containing judgments from Jersey’s Royal Court and appellate courts. We also offer the Bermuda Law Reports and the Cayman Island Law Reports.

Northern Ireland


Locate over 7,500 cases from the courts of Northern Ireland on JustisOne, from 1922 onwards. You can also search for transcripts of cases reported in the Northern Ireland Law Reports, Industrial Relations Law Reports, and many more.

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UK Parliament


With over 10 years of exclusive content, this collection is available in addition to our UK Core and encompasses an index to the proceedings and publications of the Houses of Parliament, and the Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies, dating back to 1979. UK Parliament is currently only available on the Justis legacy platform.

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