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New content – August 2017

New content – August 2017

Posted by matt-terrell | 30 August 2017

New content: 6210 new cases and documents added last month:

Irish Reports 3
CCH British Tax Cases 318
CCH British VAT Cases 152
Inquest Law Reports 8
Justis Irish Employment Appeal Cases 40
Justis Jamaican Cases 105
Justis BVI Cases 20
Immigration Appeal Reports 13
E&W Judgments Civil 1204
E&W Judgments Criminal 557
E&W Judgments HoL/SC 53
Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court 137
ACT Judgments 163
NSW Judgments 957
NT Judgments 51
Victoria Judgments 197
Bermuda Judgments 49
Ontario (CA) 318
Supreme Court of Canada 27
British Columbia (SC, CA) 772
Alberta (CA, QB, PC) 512
Saskatchewan (CA) 36
Caribbean Court of Justice 9
High Court of Australia 21
Justis Irish Case Law 488

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