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30 years of Justis

30 years of Justis

Posted by david-hand | 30 November 2017

This year, we at Justis have been celebrating our 30th anniversary, and we would like to share some of the key milestones from our history. These events highlight how we have been at the forefront of innovations in legal technology since our inception, and we continue to break new ground to the present day.

In 1986, a company named Context Legal Systems Limited was founded, which later became Justis Publishing. We gained the first commercial license to disseminate Celex by Eur-Op, and reached an agreement with the ICLR to publish the Weekly Law Reports online.

In 1987, we launched our first service, Justis Online.

In 1989, we launched the first law CD-ROM to be published in the UK. This used the Fulcrum search engine. Context Legal Systems Limited became Context Ltd.

In 1991, we launched the Weekly Law Reports CD-ROM, the first ever CD-ROM of UK case law.

In 1993, we launched a range of specialist EU CD-ROMs, and won our first industry award; the EIA award for European Information Sources for the Justis Single Market CD-ROM.

In 1994, an agreement was reached with the ICLR to publish the Industrial Cases Reports. This involved our first major archive data capture task, and led to the release of the ICR CD-ROM. We also won an open tender from the ICLR to produce a database of the complete archive of the Law Reports, going back to 1965.

In 1995, data capture of the Law Reports begins, alongside the launch of the Justis Family Law Reports. Justis Windows was released.

In 1996, the electronic Law Reports were launched, on time and on budget.

In 1997, we completed the capture of the full archive of the Weekly Law Reports, which were released on CD-ROM.

In 1998, we launched the Times Law Reports on CD-ROM, alongside Tenders on the Web – Context Ltd.’s first internet service.

In 1999, we completed the data capture of the archive of UK statutes back to 1235. The Justis.com platform launched, now known as Justis.

In 2000, we released the Irish Law Reports on CD-ROM. Justis.com wins Lotties “Law Office Technology Newcomer of the Year” award.

In 2001, Masoud Gerami, the first employee of Context Legal Systems Limited in 1986, becomes Managing Director.

In 2003, we launched JustCite, which went on to have a profound effect on how the law was researched.

In 2005, Context Ltd became Justis Publishing.

In 2009, we began a project of ongoing data capture, scanning case law documents in archives found around the country. This undertaking led to the digitisation of content which no-one else has online, which gives Justis the largest collection of UK superior court judgments.

In 2012, we launched Justis Irish Cases, an authoritative series of High Court, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court Irish cases.

In 2013, we established a base in Northern Ireland, to expand the editorial team who manually mark-up cases.

In 2015, JustisOne was launched, combining the functionality of Justis and JustCite, and incorporating a range of advanced search and analysis tools. Alongside this, we also launched an Offshore Case Law collection, with cases from Jersey Law Reports, the Cayman Island Law Reports, and Justis BVI Cases.

In 2016, we reached an agreement with The Bar Council of Ireland to make the Judgments in the Law Library available to everyone for the first time.

In 2017, we reached agreements with the University of West Indies to exclusively distribute CariLaw on JustisOne, the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland to make judgments contained in the Irish Law Reports available as soon as their editorial steps were completed, and The Law Report, making JustisOne the exclusive provider of this New Zealand collection.

We end 2017 with coverage of 26 jurisdictions, more than doubling the coverage we started the year with. We continue to add new features to JustisOne, growing the range of search and analysis tools it offers to provide you with the best legal research platform. We have added 6 new members to the Justis team in recent months. With great things planned for the future, we look forward to growing even further in 2018.

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