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Are you a law librarian?

Are you a law librarian?

Posted by david-hand | 30 July 2018

Then there is a good chance you have seen us at one of the many law librarian events over the years, and our faithful Barrister Bear who you may have won. If not, there is another opportunity for you to win one!

From the New Zealand Law Librarians’ Association conference in September 2017 to the American Association of Law Libraries conference in July 2018, Justis has been at Law Librarian events across the world in the last 12 months, and over the last 20 years. The law librarian events are an important part of the Justis calendar – Masoud Gerami, Managing Director of Justis, has personally been attending the Canadian Association of Law Libraries conference since 2000 – and they are something that we always look forward to. You may even have attended one of the Justis Parties…

Justis Party CALL 2014

Who remembers the Justis party at CALL 2014?

Barrister Bear at ALLA 2012

Barrister Bear celebrating being called to the Bar (ALLA 2012, Brisbane, Australia)

We have developed friendships with a lot of our customers, and a large part of that is because of getting to meet them at events over the years. As an independent organisation, the people who support us are important to us, and we hope that we can show that to them. It’s why we host the Justis parties, and give everyone a chance to let their hair down, and have fun with the theme we might have for that party!” Aidan Hawes, Head of Commercial Development, Justis.

However, these law librarian conferences are not just about having fun. They provide a vital service to the legal sector. These events act as an opportunity for law librarians around the world to come together, share their knowledge and discover new resources which support our barristers, lawyers, academics, and the next generation of legal practitioners.

Our law libraries and law librarians are a vital resource that underpins our legal sector, and without access to the law library, or a librarian to maintain these vast resources and keep the materials up-to-date and to seek out new services and resource to help others, where would we go? It’s no wonder that BIALL will be celebrating its 50th next year!

To celebrate our many years at these wonderful events, and to promote how important law librarians are to our industry, we would like to collect some of the best moments from these events over the years, and we’ll be giving away a Barrister Bear for the best photo! Send your best pictures of Justis people, parties or stands from conferences over the years to marketing@justis.com by August 22nd, and we’ll pick our favourite photo to win a Barrister Bear! Please include your Twitter handle if you have one, and let us know who is in any photos you share with us.

Start looking back through your archives, as we are sure you have some fantastic pictures hidden away!

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