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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 covers a wide range of recommendations for making Web content more accessible. Justis follow these guidelines to make content accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities, including blindness and low vision, deafness and hearing loss, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity and combinations of these. If there are any items that are not compliant, please contact us to discuss these if you require these accessibility recommendations to use our service.

WCAG 2.0 Level A

1.1.1 – Non-text Content Provide text alternatives for non-text content Strong compliance
1.2.1 – Audio-only and Video-only (Pre-recorded) Provide an alternative to video-only and audio-only content Strong compliance
1.2.2 – Captions (Pre-recorded) Provide captions for videos with audio Strong compliance
1.2.3 – Audio Description or Media Alternative (Pre-recorded) Video with audio has a second alternative Strong compliance
1.3.1 – Info and Relationships Logical structure Strong compliance
1.3.2 – Meaningful Sequence Present content in a meaningful order Strong compliance
1.3.3 – Sensory Characteristics Use more than one sense for instructions Good compliance
1.4.1 – Use of Colour Don’t use presentation that relies solely on colour Strong compliance
1.4.2 – Audio Control Don’t play audio automatically Strong compliance
2.1.1 – Keyboard Accessible by keyboard only Good compliance
2.1.2 – No Keyboard Trap Don’t trap keyboard users Good compliance
2.2.1 – Timing Adjustable Time limits have user controls Strong compliance
2.2.2 – Pause, Stop, Hide Provide user controls for moving content Strong compliance
2.3.1 – Three Flashes or Below No content flashes more than three times per second Strong compliance
2.4.1 – Bypass Blocks Provide a ‘Skip to Content’ link Not compliant
2.4.2 – Page Titled Use helpful and clear page titles Compliant
2.4.3 – Focus Order Logical order Good compliance
2.4.4 – Link Purpose (In Context) Every link’s purpose is clear from its context Good compliance
3.1.1 – Language of Page Page has a language assigned Strong compliance
3.2.1 – On Focus Elements do not change when they receive focus Strong compliance
3.2.2 – On Input Elements do not change when they receive input Strong compliance
3.3.1 – Error Identification Clearly identify input errors Strong compliance
3.3.2 – Labels or Instructions Label elements and give instructions Strong compliance
4.1.1 – Parsing No major code errors Strong compliance
4.1.2 – Name, Role, Value Build all elements for accessibility Good compliance

WCAG 2.0 Level AA

1.2.4 – Captions (Live) Live videos have captions Strong compliance
1.2.5 – Audio Description (Pre-recorded) Users have access to audio description for video content Strong compliance
1.4.3 – Contrast (Minimum) Contrast ratio between text and background is at least 4.5:1 Good compliance
1.4.4 – Resize Text Text can be resized to 200% without loss of content or function Strong compliance
1.4.5 – Images of Text Don’t use images of text Strong compliance
2.4.5 – Multiple Ways Offer several ways to find pages Strong compliance
2.4.6 – Headings and Labels Use clear headings and labels Strong compliance
2.4.7 – Focus Visible Ensure keyboard focus is visible and clear Good compliance
3.1.2 – Language of Parts Tell users when the language on a page changes Strong compliance
3.2.3 – Consistent Navigation Use menus consistently Strong compliance
3.2.4 – Consistent Identification Use icons and buttons consistently Strong compliance
3.3.3 – Error Suggestion Suggest fixes when users make errors Good compliance
3.3.4 – Error Prevention (Legal, Financial, Data) Reduce the risk of input errors for sensitive data Strong compliance

WCAG 2.0 Level AAA 

1.2.6 – Sign Language (Pre-recorded) Provide sign language translations for videos Not compliant
1.2.7 – Extended Audio description (Pre-recorded) Provide extended audio description for videos Good compliance
1.2.8 – Media Alternative (Pre-recorded) Provide a text alternative to videos Strong compliance
1.2.9 – Audio Only (Live) Provide alternatives for live audio Strong compliance
1.4.6 – Contrast (Enhanced) Contrast ratio between text and background is at least 7:1 Good compliance
1.4.7 – Low or No Background Audio Audio is clear for listeners to hear Good compliance
1.4.8 – Visual presentation Offer users a range of presentation options Not compliant
1.4.9 – Images of Text (No Exception) Don’t use images of text Strong compliance
2.1.3 – Keyboard (No Exception) Accessible by keyboard only, without exception Good compliance
2.2.3 – No Timing No time limits Strong compliance
2.2.4 – Interruptions Don’t interrupt users Strong compliance
2.2.5 – Re-authenticating Save user data when re-authenticating Strong compliance
2.3.2 – Three Flashes No content flashes more than three times per second Strong compliance
2.4.8 – Location Every link’s purpose is clear from its text Good compliance
2.4.9 – Link Purpose (Link Only) Let users know where they are Strong compliance
2.4.10 – Section Headings Break up content with headings Strong compliance
3.1.3 – Unusual words Explain any strange words Good compliance
3.1.4 – Abbreviations Explain any abbreviations Good compliance
3.1.5 – Reading Level Users with nine years of school can read your content Strong compliance
3.1.6 – Pronunciation Explain any words that are hard to pronounce Strong compliance
3.2.5 – Change on Request Don’t change elements on your website until users ask Strong compliance
3.3.5 – Help Provide detailed help and instructions Strong compliance
3.3.6 – Error Prevention (All) Reduce the risk of all input errors Good compliance