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Alberta Law Libraries and vLex Justis bring the world of legal information to Alberta lawyers

Alberta Law Libraries and vLex Justis bring the world of legal information to Alberta lawyers

Posted by david-hand | 01 April 2020

Calgary and London (UK), 1 April 2020 Alberta Law Libraries (ALL) have long been a leader in supporting remote desktop access to the essential resources Alberta lawyers need to effectively serve their clients. With the addition of vLex Justis to that offering, we are pleased to provide unlimited access to US, UK and Canadian primary law and other related legal resources to Alberta lawyers in their homes and other remote work locations when they need it most.

The newly-launched vLex Justis platform combines the best of vLex and JustisOne in a single resource that provides access to the largest collection of global legal information on one intelligent platform.  Alberta lawyers will enjoy graphical visualisation of case law relationships and treatments, tools that help to pin-point the most important sections of a judgment quickly, and intuitive search functionality. 

These capabilities are complemented by a series of other exclusive features, including Vincent, an AI-powered legal research assistant that can analyse any legal resource to discover important and related information that would be inaccessible through traditional search methods. Only vLex Justis has the volume and depth of content needed to power such an intelligent tool, making Vincent an unparalleled legal research assistant.

We’re thrilled to see Alberta join Manitoba and Saskatchewan in offering all lawyers access to vLex Justis and Vincent on a province-wide, remote desktop basis,” said Colin Lachance, vLex Justis General Manager for North America. “As an Alberta-educated and trained lawyer and current, though non-practising, member of the Law Society of Alberta, I’m especially thrilled to be partnering with Alberta Law Libraries to bring our resources to my former classmates and colleagues throughout the province.

At Alberta Law Libraries, our energies are always directed to connecting people with the world of legal information, and collaborating with vLex Justis to bring US, UK and Canadian legal resources is a key part of delivering on our commitments,” said ALL Director Dale Barrie. “While Canadian lawyers have always needed access to global legal resources, the rapidly changing legal environments triggered by current events make it especially essential to understand the laws and legal debates occurring across different jurisdictions. The added fact that our members will be able to access this content remotely, regardless of physical location, makes this an especially welcome and timely partnership.

vLex Justis access will be available to registered clients of Alberta Law Libraries starting April 1, 2020, alongside other ALL e-resources. Support can be accessed inside the platform, user guides are available on the vLex Justis website, and training webinars will be announced soon.

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About Alberta Law Libraries

Alberta Law Libraries (ALL) is a provincial network of law libraries existing to provide research support and information services to the legal community (including the Judiciary, Members of the Bar, Crown Prosecutors and Justice Department Employees), self represented litigants and all Albertans. Access to legal reference assistance and Alberta Law Libraries’ collections is available to all Albertans. Alberta Law Libraries was formed in 2009, when the Alberta Law Society Libraries (serving members of the bar and public) were joined with Alberta Court Libraries (serving the judiciary and crown) under one leadership.

The libraries receive funding from Alberta Justice, the Alberta Law Foundation and the Law Society of Alberta, and is governed by a nine member Board.

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Dale Barrie, Director



About vLex Justis

vLex Justis provides access to an exclusive, up-to-date and comprehensive collection of legal information from over 130 jurisdictions. Founded over 30 years ago, vLex Justis continues to support thousands of lawyers, law firms, government departments and law schools around the world. Today, vLex Justis, along with their parent company, vLex, is known for developing technology to disseminate legal information on a global scale, with a team of over 170 lawyers, engineers and editorial experts based in offices around the world who are continually striving to provide up-to-date legal information and industry-leading AI-powered legal technology.

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Matthew Terrell, Head of Marketing


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