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Barrister key feature guide

Barrister key feature guide

Posted by david-hand | 13 September 2019

JustisOne is trusted by legal professionals across the world, with the time-saving search and analysis features assisting barristers and attorneys in conducting efficient research.

“Justis will revolutionise how lawyers analyse relevant cases” Luke Wygas, Barrister, 4 Pump Court

What are the key passages of a case?


JustisOne’s key passages tool shows you the most cited passages of a judgment. These are a reflection of the most influential parts of the judgment since it was handed down. The key passages update over time according to subsequent decisions, so you are always aware of which passages in a judgment are the most utilised.

All quoted passages can be displayed with a heat map over the text, as shown below, which provides a visual guide to the most heavily cited passages of a judgment. Simply click on any highlighted passage to see the paragraph number, case name, court and jurisdiction of every citing case. This will enable you to prioritise your time in engaging with the key parts of a judgment to determine if it is relevant to your matter at hand.

JustisOne Key Passages


A single point of entry for case law research


JustisOne’s search results are neutral, which means that as well as showing you cases from our own full-text database, we also index cases from over 100 other online case law services. We do not restrict your search to our own cases or place them at the top of the results. Our goal is to help you find the case you need.

JustisOne’s SourceLink feature provides you with links to cases on these services, listed in order of authority. This saves you time in locating the most authoritative version of a case for bundles, as a single search will enable you to find this. Simply click the Citations & Sources tab on any document in JustisOne to see where any reported versions are available.

Justis SourceLink


A visual representation of case relationships


“The Justis Precedent Map is an excellent tool for seeing at a glance where an authority has been considered. Equivalent deliberate search would take up to a few minutes and is not really possible on some platforms.” James M. Turner QC, Barrister, Quadrant Chambers

JustisOne’s Precedent Map is a visualisation tool which enables you to instantly see the relationships between cases and the treatments applied. Case treatments are ordered chronologically and colour coded, enabling you to quickly understand the current status of a case.

JustisOne Precedent Map

“One of the few technological developments that genuinely succeeds in making a lawyer’s life easier” Sean Jones QC, 11KBW 

To ensure your chambers is making the most of their subscription to our advanced legal technology, download a guide to these key features here.


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