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Bringing case law to life

Bringing case law to life

Posted by matt-terrell | 12 December 2017

Understanding the series of events surrounding a case – especially if the judgments are lost – can be challenging. When Vicky Lee, an actress from the SilverSage theatre company based in London, came to us for help in tracking down a court transcript we were happy to help.

Vicky Lee and her colleagues have spent a long time piecing together background information, including witness statements, transcripts of police reports and even speaking with family members, to tell the story of Charlotte Helen Hough (R v Hough 6 CrAppR S 406). This compelling and thought-provoking case centers a woman who assisted the suicide of Miss Harding, an elderly lady in Camden, a stone’s throw from the Justis HQ.

One year on from starting their research, we spoke to Vicky about this tale of moral complexities and the stage show coming February 2018:

“This is a difficult and controversial subject, yet one which touches on universal topics: collusion, helplessness and isolation. We chose to bring the case of Charlotte Hough to life, as we feel it is not only important locally, but also socially and politically. The Play, titled The Promise, explores these moral difficulties of the personal choice of assisted dying, but will ideally provoke a lively and constructive debate around this issue.”

Image: Vicky Lee and colleagues preforming at the New Diorama theatre in Safe, a play on safeguarding taken to the extreme.

Supported by Spare Tyre, one of the UK’s leading participatory arts charities, and New Diorama theatre, this play promises to provide a perspective beyond the judgment, and will give the viewer an insight into the intricacies of decision making that are often not reflected in a court transcript. It also offers any practitioner, law student or legal enthusiast a chance to see this case and story come to life 33 years on from the original events.

Read more about The Promise

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