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2021 Legal Research Competition: DICTUM


Please ensure that you have read the entry requirements in full. The submission form will close on 19th March 2021. If the form does not work, please contact us on hello@vlex.com.



The question must be answered using vLex Justis as the sole resource.

Students must copy and paste the vLex Justis hyperlink of the page they used to gather the referenced information in their foot note. 

A  short description of how the functionality criteria was used must also be included in the footnote.


FUNCTIONALITY CRITERIA (you can use a criteria more than once)

Use of the ‘Browse Search’ function 

Use of the ’Advanced Search’ function and search operators

Use of  Secondary Sources

Use of the ‘Key Paragraph’ tool

Use of the ‘Citing Authorities’ tab (case law or legislation)

Use of  ‘Cited In’ tab

Use of the ‘Precedent Map’ tab

Use of  ‘Related Vincent’ tab

Use of a reported version of a case

/2 point for each criteria used

//section is worth a maximum of 10 points 



If you used the “Precedent Map” tab for the case of Stack v Dowden [2007] UKHL 17  to help you find the case  Jones v Kernott [2010] EWCA Civ 578 which you have cited in your answer, copy and paste the link for the vLex Justis webpage  in your footnote along with a description of how you used the tool/page.


Final Footnote Example:

1 Jones v Kernott [2010] EWCA Civ 578 at [5] (Lord Justice Wall)

https://justis.vlex.com/#search/jurisdiction:GB/Stack+v+Dowden/WW/vid/793739657/precedent_map (I used the precedent map tab from the case of Stack v Dowden [2007] UKHL 17  to link out to Jones v Kernott [2010] EWCA Civ 578 )



IDENTIFY: the legal principles relevant to the given problem and explain those principles.

/1 point 

EXPLAIN: how the legal principles have been interpreted supporting each by citing the proper authority (Case law, statute or academic argument). 

/2 points 

APPLY: the law to the problem by demonstrating why those principles apply or do not apply. to the facts of Provide a convincing conclusion. 

/3 points

WRITING / GRAMMAR: present the case study with a logical flow and order with little to know grammatical errors.

/2 points

//8 points in total

Email address: If your university/college does not provide you with an email address you can submit a proof of student status, such as an ID, or letter from your university when you submit your entry.