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The largest collections of common and civil law content on one intuitive and advanced service. Access over 120 million legal information documents from over 130 jurisdictions. For the most up-to-date information on our content and coverage, please contact our team.

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Coverage highlights

UK and Ireland

  • The largest collection of UK cases available online

  • Up-to-date higher court dockets on one service

  • UK case law and legislation dating back further than any other provider 

  • Comprehensive and authoritative Irish law

  • Signed Irish judgments and determinations 

  • Exclusive partnership with the Irish Council of Law Reporting

  • Irish Supreme Court judgments uploaded before any other provider

Europe and the EU

  • Complete EU law collection from 1950

  • A market-leading collection of Spanish law 

  • Extensive coverage of French law dating back to 1873

  • Content from over 15 other European jurisdictions, including Italy, Germany, Austria and Portugal

The Caribbean

  • The largest collection of Caribbean judgments available anywhere online 

  • Over 50,000 judgments from 18 jurisdictions, dating back to 1948

  • Exclusive offshore coverage as well as Caribbean law reports

  • Exclusive partnership with CariLaw and the University of the West Indies

Latin America

  • The largest collection of Latin American gazettes 

  • Comprehensive news collections from Latin America

  • The largest collection of legal knowledge from Mexico 

  • Comprehensive coverage for Chile, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Colombia

Africa, Asia and Oceania  

  • Exclusive New Zealand cases from The Law Report

  • Over 45,000 unique full-text New Zealand cases

  • Over 80,000 full-text cases and law reports from South Africa

  • Authoritative collection of Singaporean reports and case law

  • Extensive collections of cases from Hong Kong and Malaysia

  • Over 400,000 full-text cases from India, dating back to 1921

  • Over 70,000 Australian cases, dating back to 1957

  • Content from India, the Philippines, Pakistan, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand

North America

  • Extensive collection of Canadian law, dating back to 1876

  • Access to the Maritime Law Book

  • Comprehensive federal and state coverage for all 50 US states

  • Over 20,000,000 U.S. legal documents, updated daily

  • Over 250 sources of U.S. law, in one location 

  • Direct source of American Bar Association content

  • Daily US news stream curated by legal editors 

Document types

Administrative decisions



Law reports

Case law 



Collective agreements



Draft bills

Forms and contracts 



News and blogs 

Official gazettes 

Practice notes 



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