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Feature update: Browse

Feature update: Browse

Posted by david-hand | 21 February 2019

Searching for a case using the JustisOne Browse feature has been popular since its launch in 2017. After receiving valuable feedback from a range of users and months of development, we are pleased to announce that this key feature has been updated to enable you to search for Cases, Statutes, Statutory Instruments and EU documents in an easy step-by-step process unique to JustisOne. Within this new process you can now further refine your search by jurisdiction, court, category of law, year and even reported series – making searching for content in JustisOne’s large database intuitive, efficient, and useful for all users.

What else is new?

In addition to being able to use the Browse feature to search across all of the documents on JustisOne, the new interface now also contains document numbers, so you can see how many results your selection will contain before clicking the ‘Show documents’ button to display your search results.

JustisOne Browse

We’ve also added an option to enable you to search for full-text documents only. You can tailor any browse search to include only the content that is available directly on JustisOne, rather than the default which also includes the index of content from over 100 other services, which you can access using the Sourcelink feature.

Browse is available now for all users

If you have used JustisOne before, you will know that Browse is accessible from the left-side navigation menu. For new users who would like more information or assistance in learning how to use this feature, and other features in JustisOne, contact us to book your complimentary training session, available to all JustisOne subscribers.

If you have any feedback on Browse or any of the other features of JustisOne, our development team would love to hear from you. Please contact marketing@justis.com with anything you would like to share about our services.

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