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Welcome to Justis


Our step-by-step guide below will enable you to get the most from Justis’ products and services, and to ensure your colleagues, staff or students are equipped to use your new resource.

Your account manager will contact you soon to go through the list with you to ensure your account is fully set-up.



How would you and others like to access the service?

There are a variety of ways you can access your new subscription including unique usernames and passwords, IP authentication and academic gateways such as Athens and Your Home Institution (Shibboleth). For more information see FAQs below.



Have you chosen an account administrator?

Administrators can maintain the user list by adding and removing users, request training, resources and more through the Admin Portal. The PDF user guide for the Admin Portal can be viewed here.



Confirm a suitable time and date

Complimentary training sessions are available online so all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Our training system allows for multiple individuals to attend in remote locations, so you can invite your colleagues, staff or students to join. If the person who organises training is different from yourself, please inform your account manager. If you are in the UK or Ireland we can offer in-person training sessions for chambers, organisations and universities.

Training vs Demonstrations: If you have watched a JustisOne demonstration recently you will still benefit from a training session. Training sessions provide an in-depth practical perspective on how to use JustisOne tailored specifically to your needs. The additional detail contained within a training session will help you and others make the most of JustisOne.

Our training team can be directly contacted on training@justis.com



Confirm your postal address

To ensure you have material available to those who need it, we can send you printed user guides and promotional material too. Please confirm your postal address with your account manager to ensure you receive our user guides. For universities and colleges, let your account manager know when you teach your students about library resources to ensure the guides arrive at the right time. We can also include copies of the JustisOne Law Student Handbook if requested.



What are the main types of work conducted by your organisation?

To ensure that you and others make the most of JustisOne’s exclusive content and unique features, our account managers may wish to find out more information about your organisation. This allows each account manager to prepare a custom email detailing the benefits of JustisOne specific to your organisation that you can share internally.

Internal promotion


Do you have an internal resources or library page?

Make it easier for your colleagues, staff or students to find JustisOne by adding a direct link on your relevant internal resources page. Simply use the description, logo and URL below to provide more direct access from your internal resources page. Alternatively, you can share this information by email alongside the value information in the previous stage prepared by your account manager.

About JustisOne: JustisOne contains the most comprehensive collection of common law cases, including the largest collections of cases available online. JustisOne also helps to unite your current resources and acts as a starting point for any legal research.

Direct URL for JustisOne: https://app.justis.com/

About Justis: For over 30 years Justis products and services have been trusted by government organisations, leading international law firms, barristers’ chambers, academic institutions, public companies, and sole practitioners from over 40 countries.

Our Logos: For our logo please contact your account manager. 

For Law schools


Proficiency Test

Let your students demonstrate their competence by taking our online Proficiency Test. Getting certified on legal research tools provides you with a concrete demonstration of your commitment to improving your legal research skills and can enhance employability and effectiveness in the workplace.

Teaching Times

Let us know when new and existing students are taught about library resources, including JustisOne. This enables us to ensure you are stocked with user guides and prepared for when the new students arrive, including any promotional material for events including welcome weeks.

Student Reps

Ensure your students are supported and provide an opportunity for a student to gain experience as a representative for Justis by requesting to join this new programme. Contact your account manager for more information.

You are ready to go!


When you have satisfied all previous steps your account will be fully set-up. 

If you have any questions your account manager will be available to help. For product and technical support, all users on the account have access to our dedicated helpdesk, who provide online, telephone and email support – just click the help icon within JustisOne or visit the contact us page.

IP authentication – Allows your users to log in seamlessly without signing in. To enable this, please send your IP range(s) to helpdesk@justis.com. IP ranges need to be unique to your organisation to be accepted.

If you use a Proxy server for offsite access, please send us the IP range, and let us know that you are using a proxy.

(Please note, IP authentication can affect customisable functionality such as History and Jurisdiction settings.)

Alongside IP access, you are able to register individuals with their email addresses and passwords. They can then override the IP and sign in as themselves to avail of the customisable features.

If you wish for users to be able to use the service off site, please let us know, so that we can enable roaming.

Upon arriving at the website, users will be asked to sign in using a userID and password. To set up users, please send us a list of the names and email addresses of users, in an Excel spreadsheet (use template below).

Download new user template

Primarily used by academics, Justis accepts both Athens and Your Home Institution. To get this access set up, please send us your code.

Once you have added all users onto the service. You can access and distribute our training service which are located on our resources page. There are video guides, downloadable PDF guides, links to our full support pages and contact details for training and our helpdesk.

To ensure all users are knowledgeable about the new service, features and important information regarding accessing content, please distribute these resources to all users.

View resources

For help using Justis products or account administration please contact our helpdesk.

To arrange a training session or discuss our webinars please contact our training department. Training is free for all Justis customers and available online. In-person training sessions are available in some areas of the UK and Ireland.

helpdesk@justis.com  |  +44 (0)20 7267 8989

training@justis.com  |  +44 (0)20 7284 8083