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Introducing vLex

Introducing vLex

Posted by matt-terrell | 23 April 2019

Following the news of Justis’ acquisition, we wanted to let our customers and contacts know more about our new parent company, vLex, including their coverage and AI technology.

About vLex

vLex is a legal technology company, who have developed the vLex platform, which is a global legal intelligence platform that empowers law professionals by combining one of the most extensive collections of legal information in the world with the most advanced AI-powered tools.

With hundreds of thousands of clients of all sizes and millions of users around the world rely on vLex to address their legal research and technology needs, vLex are one of the leading companies developing legal technology on a global scale.

vLex’s team of over 130 lawyers, engineers, and editorial experts apply the power of an AI cloud-based data hub to ingest, enrich, classify and deliver the insights contained in over 100 million legal documents from 2,000+ multilingual and multi-legal system global sources, to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant legal data and content.


vLex was founded in Barcelona in 1998. After quickly becoming a market leader in online legal research in Spain, they added collections of European legal materials to their platform, and expanded into Latin America, beginning with an office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2002 followed by further offices in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Miami.

2008 saw the launch of the vLex Global platform, which aggregates comprehensive legal materials from over 100 countries searchable in 13 query languages. This continually developing platform remains the home for the vast collections of legal materials available through vLex.

In recent years a comprehensive collection of United States Federal & State primary legal materials were added to the platform, and an initiative with Justia and Compass was launched to provide Canadian case law through two new platforms, vLex Open Canada and vLex Canada, building on the editorial expertise that made the Maritime Law Book an important resource.

The acquisition of Justis in March 2019 increased the high-quality legal information available through vLex, adding materials from the UK, Ireland, the Caribbean, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Europe.


Products and services

vLex offer a range of products including comprehensive coverage of primary law for over 30 jurisdictions and selected coverage for over 100 countries, as well as vetted editorial content from over 1,000 partner publishers. This is all available on a single, powerful platform that gets you relevant results fast.

In relation to vLex’s advanced technology, they have developed Vincent – the first AI-powered intelligent legal research assistant of its kind. Independently trained and operational in the laws of multiple countries, it analyses documents in English and Spanish to extract insights and generate the most relevant results from among vLex’s extensive libraries and customers’ knowledge management collections.

Alongside Vincent, vLex offer Iceberg AI – a data platform available to enterprise SaaS clients to apply to their own data. Iceberg AI can operate end-to-end, allowing clients to import, crawl and connect data sources, enrich and combine datasets with machine learning modules, rules-based automations and human workflows, to generate exponential value that transforms products and entire organizations.

Learn more

For more information about vLex, their comprehensive range of coverage from across the globe and their advanced legal technology, please contact us.

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