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Justis named in the AL 100

Justis named in the AL 100

Posted by david-hand | 31 August 2018

Justis is proud to have been named in the Artificial Lawyer’s AL 100 Legal Tech Directory.

This well-researched directory showcases companies who are advancing what legal technology can deliver in a range of categories, from legal research and analytics to billing and time applications.

The AL 100 provides visibility of some of the most progressive legal tech companies around the world, many of which are leveraging machine learning, NLP or other forms of technology that support the automation of legal tasks.

As to why I started this, the short answer is one word: education.

The legal market needs to change, and if you agree with my mantra that industrialisation is the pathway for this change, then the only way things will really move is if law firms and corporates know what is out there, what this tech can do and how it compares to what they have already. 

It’s great that so many law firms are focused on innovation and business process transformation now, but without market knowledge we are all driving in the dark. 

The AL 100 – and Artificial Lawyer more broadly – seek to address this and shed light on what is hopefully most useful to lawyers and companies around the world that want to drive change in the legal world.

Richard Tromans, founder of the Artificial Lawyer and Tromans Consulting

As advanced legal technology can deliver real value for law firms, this directory is an invaluable guide to the vendors who are using their expertise to enhance a range of processes through the use of automation and AI technology.

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